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"Kapu nā mauna" may not be an "official" ʻōlelo noʻeau, but it is true: our mountains are sacred. This is evident in our mele and moʻolelo, and why our tallest places are known as "wao akua" or "realm of the Gods," sacred spaces reserved for our natural deities and not meant for human habitation. Tonight's show honors our mauna, pali kuahiwi, and puʻu who are all famous in story and song.

J. Kaineheikaʻiliʻili Chun-Lum

"E lei kau, e lei hoʻoilo i ke aloha" ('Ōlelo Noʻeau #332) reminds us that love is everlasting throughout all seasons, and that all lei - and it's components - should be made with love, protocol, and intention, both literally and metaphorically. Tonight we celebrate lei in all their forms, whether it be the lei of love worn around our necks like the embraces of our kupuna or keiki, or the lei that keep us warm through the coldest of nights.

Bridging the Gap ~ January 28th, 2021: World Music

Jan 28, 2021

You know how whenever you see a "world music" playlist, the tracks are 90% from Africa and Latin America? Well, this is definitely one of those playlists. Tons of excavated vinatage goodness on display, from psychedelic cumbia to Ethiopian disco - and more.

Bridging the Gap ~ January 21st, 2021 ~ Upbeat!

Jan 21, 2021

No convoluted, complicated themes this evening. Instead, we'll hear some upbeat music to put a smile on your face - plain and simple. Expect alternative, vintage soul, world music and more.

Bridging the Gap ~ December 17th, 2020: Take It Easy

Dec 17, 2020

No theme this evening - just a selection of song to chill out, calm down and relax to. Indie world, folk and even a little bit of soul on display tonight.

This eclectic session of Bridging the Gap will focus on World Music with an electronic beat driven touch. Expect bits of Cumbia, Afro-Funk and other groove.  The inspiration for a lot of tonight's show came from a Spotify playlist called Folk Fabrique

@bushwackkanak on Instagram

It's always good to take the time and honor the Native voices and stories of our ʻāina, and not just as a once-in-a-while thing, but all the time, so that it becomes he mea maʻa mau ia (a regular thing) for you and I.

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Kauaʻi Historical Society

Hauʻoli Lā ʻŌiwi iā kākou a pau! Happy Indigenous People's Day! DJ mrnick asked me to switch with him today to celebrate ka poʻe ʻōiwi o kēia ʻāina nei, ka poʻe Hawaiʻi hoʻi. 

Tonight we are taking a look at how our mele have survived and evolved over hundreds of years from chants and hula ʻōlapa to being sung with modern instrumentation today.

I don't know about you, but whenever Fall rolls around I find myself much more in the mood for jazz. So for tonight, we'll start off with some jazz classics, move to some funk and soul, and finish up by putting some really exciting modern jazz on display.

Being stuck at home most days has given me a chance to watch the shows and movies that I didn't have time to prior to the pandmic. One of these, is Beyoncé's visual album, "Black Is King." Beside it being visually and lyrically stunning, in my opinion, she also featured a handful of African and Latin artists, some of whom I had heard of before (like Oumou Sangaré), while most I had not.

Paige Okamura

Oʻahu makaʻewaʻewa, mai kuhihewa! Tonight we're going to kaʻapuni a puni o Oʻahu and see the sights and learn the history of this island - my home - because as our kupuna have said, "Oʻahu is the Center of the Seas."

Putting together a global groove for this session of Bridging the Gap, with hints of Cumbia, Rai, Electro-Latin and other funky delights.

Max Sansing
Max Sansing

It's been a while since I've done an entire show of World Music, so this session of Bridging the Gap will lean heavily on sound from Africa, and India, with a lot of curveballs in-between.

What's better than soul and jazz? How about soul, jazz and everything inbetween? Tonight we'll be exploring everything from classic Blue Note jazz legends to modern brass ensembles here on Bridging the Gap.

Paige Okamura

It's been a little over a year since my trip to Aotearoa, which happened to be the trip I'd been dreaming of my whole life thus far. It was beautiful, enlightening, culturally enriching, and full of dairy that didn't make me sick! 

Tonight's show is volume two of Māori waiata - including a few new songs that have come out within the past year. Nau mai, haere mai, ki te pae.

Bridging the Gap: Funk, Psych and World

Mar 26, 2020

When the going gets weird, turn to music. For tonight's show we'll do a bit of globetrotting escapism with psychedelic rock, funk and soul from around the world.

We'll be taking something of an African road trip tonight on Bridging the Gap. Ethiopian Jazz to start off with, followed by the traditional Tuareg music of Mali and Niger - finishing up with a touch of afrobeat from Nigeria and the surrounding region.

Tired of all the "end-of decade" or "best-of" musical recaps bombarding your music apps? Too bad! You're in for two hours of my favorite selections that I've played this year - my first year on Bridging the Gap.  Soul, indie, alternative, world music and a little bit of Americana will all be on display tonight.

Tonight on Bridging the Gap, we'll be going back to the murky, acid-drenched origins of garage rock, psychedelic rock and early hard rock. Expect to hear primarily lesser known cuts from early garage rockers and foreign trailblazers (with a few modern tracks here and there). Best enjoyed at high volume.


On last night's edition of Bridging The Gap, dj mr.nick curated a show in honor of Indigenous Peoples day, but he graciously forgot the one indigenous people that I happen to be an expert on: Hawaiians. So tonight's Bridging The Gap is the Hawaiian edition of last night's Indigenous Peoples show honoring ka poʻe ʻoiwi o nei paeʻāina.

Bridging the Gap ~ August 29th ~ World Music Cheer Up

Oct 10, 2019

It seems like another week of heavy news stories emerging all across the globe, so to remedy that somewhat we'll be playing some world music here on Bridging the Gap tonight. Tons of afrobeat, psychedelic and soul from the four corners of our hectic world.

Latin Heritage month runs from September 15th to October 15th, so in honor of Latin artists I'll be playing a selection of tracks by some of my favorite Latin-American artists. We'll explore contemporary genres in the first hour, followed by some older classics in the second.

For tonight's episode of Bridging The Gap, DJ Mermaid is sticking to what she knows best and curating the show with some of her favorite mele Hawaiʻi on vinyl. Mahalo iā KTUH FM Honolulu for lending out a few albums from their collection for this show.

DJ Mermaid digs through the music and artists coming to us out of the Wonderwheel record label. Wonderwheel was founded by DJ/producer/remixer Nickodemus and is based out of Brooklyn, NYC. Wonderwheel Recordings identifies their sound as "rooted in the eclectic dancefloor sounds of the globe".

Global dance and tropicalia tracks from artists like The Brooklyn Gypsies, Jeremy Sole, Populous, Rodrigo Gallardo & Nikola Cruz, and much more.

What originally started out as a "Protest Songs" theme, morphed into a "Songs Against the System" theme, until it finally bloomed into a theme of "Patterns of Oppression". Tonight's show highlights some of the music that gave voice to those within the struggle, and those who stood up against it. These songs were written and performed during various events (past and current) in world history such as the Apartheid, World War II, the Vietnam War, the Tulsa Race Riots, and much more.

Kepano Carvalho

"Nā Kani o ka ʻĀina" literally translates to "The Sounds of the Land", but metaphorically alludes to the many melodic and harmonic voices that have come out of Hawaiian music. Much like the multitudes of sounds in nature, such are the voices of this land. Throughout the generations a wide variety of Hawaiian music has been produced - from ancient chants to the modern contemporary mele of today. DJ Mermaid explores the different sounds and styles of Hawaiian music on tonight's edition of Bridging the Gap.

DJ Mermaid comes back to us from a week in Aotearoa (New Zealand) full of mahalo for the tangata whenua (peope of the land) that hosted her so well. Tonight's episode of Bridging The Gap honors the people, places, and language of Aotearoa through the waiata (songs) that the whanau (family) shared with her, along with other music she heard during her time there.

Bridging the Gap ~ June 20th: New Music Thursday

Jun 20, 2019

For tonight's Bridging the Gap, Harrison Patino explores some of the most exciting new releases in indie, folk, world, punk and much more. All new music from across the musical spectrum.

Harry B. Soria Jr., Territorial Airwaves

This year the Territorial Airwaves program turns 40 years old. Hosted by Harry B. Soria Jr., Territorial Airwaves is the longest continuously running Hawaiian music radio show in Hawaiʻi, and the longest running Hawaiian radio show in the world. DJ Mermaid pays tribute to Harry B. and Territorial Airwaves tonight by digging through her personal archives of mele Hawaiʻi and pairing them with stories learned from listening to Territorial Airwaves.

Bridging the Gap ~ June 17th: No Particular Place to Go

Jun 17, 2019
Matthew Diomataris

For tonight's Bridging the Gap, DJ Harrison Patino fills in for DJ Mr. Nick - eschewing genre and categoritzation to jump from one end of the musical map to the other. Expect lots of indie, world, folk - and everything in between.