wild aloha foundation

courtesy of Nik Lacchin of luckydesigns.org

This week for Helping Hand we're learning about the second annual Winos for Rhinos event from local nonprofit Wild Aloha Foundation.


Today as we planned to offer a preview of a sobering Helping Hand segment we’ll have next Friday based around the world’s most trafficked mammal, a toothless, defenseless animal, unfortunately this most vulnerable creature has made news now on back-to-back days with unprecedented, record setting seizures of their body parts, both headed to the same Asia Pacific country, as conservationists say with these kinds of mind-boggling busts, extinction appears inevitab

courtesy of Nik Lacchin of luckydesigns.org

This week on Helping Hand, local nonprofit Wild Aloha Foundation joins HPR All Things Considered Host Dave Lawrence to discuss their fundraising event September 6th at Amuse Wine Bar, Winos for Rhinos.