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LOÍZA, Puerto Rico — Thousands of Puerto Ricans on Sunday got a second chance to vote for the first time, a week after delayed and missing ballots marred the original primaries in a blow to the U.S. territory’s democracy.

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Deciding damages in Hawaiian homestead case; Sounds from a naturalization ceremony; Election registration deadline nears; Substitute teachers in unemployment insurance limbo; Reopening Waikiki Aquarium

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While most Americans have been consumed with worries about family, health and livelihoods, political scientists and others have raised concerns about how America’s democracy may be changed by the global pandemic. 



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On this edition of Bytemarks Café, an update on Automatic Voter Registration. With the legislative session in full swing, Common Cause comes back on the show to discuss bills introduced this session that drive civic engagement, and why it's important.

Federal Voting Assistance Program

Problems counting mail-in ballots and an extremely small margin created chaos in the 2018 Honolulu City Council election between Tommy Waters and Trevor Ozawa. Several bills at the legislature aim to correct those problems.

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A local nonprofit, Common Cause Hawaii, has created a “Power Ballot” that provides Hawaii voters with information regarding candidates in upcoming elections. Corrie Tanida of Common Cause hopes this project will help Hawaii voters make informed choices on Election Day.

Commentary: Increasing Voter Turnout in Hawaiʻi

Mar 13, 2018
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For the last five presidential elections, Hawaiʻi has ranked last in the nation in voter turnout. There are some ideas on the topic before the current legislative session. Corie Tanida of Common Cause Hawaiʻi says several are worth considering. She has more in this commentary. 

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Voters in Australia are surprising a lot of so-called “political experts.” Over the past several weeks, a voluntary nationwide ballot has been underway on legalizing same sex marriage. And it’s already produced some unexpected results. HPR’s Bill Dorman has more in today’s Asia Minute.

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On Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court granted an injunctionhalting the Na'i Aupuni election.  The Grassroot Institute, supported by the national conservative organization, Judicial Watch, is suing to stop the Na'i Aupuni election on grounds that it is unconstitutional because it involves only Native Hawaiians.  Na'i Aupuni claims theirs is a private election, privately funded, and therefore legal.