territorial airwaves

In celebration of 8 years of Bridging The Gap, I'm taking a stroll down memory lane and re-visiting some of my best shows during my tenure as one of its hosts. One of my favorite and most popular shows is the tribute to Territorial Airwaves show I did last year when the program turned 40 years old.

Harry B. Soria Jr., Territorial Airwaves

This year the Territorial Airwaves program turns 40 years old. Hosted by Harry B. Soria Jr., Territorial Airwaves is the longest continuously running Hawaiian music radio show in Hawaiʻi, and the longest running Hawaiian radio show in the world. DJ Mermaid pays tribute to Harry B. and Territorial Airwaves tonight by digging through her personal archives of mele Hawaiʻi and pairing them with stories learned from listening to Territorial Airwaves.

Territorial Airwaves

There is a milestone in Hawaii radio history this year. Harry B Sorio Jr., the host of Territorial Airwaves, is preparing to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the radio show of vintage music from the 1920’s on up.

Keesler Air Force Base

Recycling and China; MIA Identified; Okinawan Pigs; Territorial Airwaves

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   Between the two world wars in 20th century Hawai‘i, the convergence of Hawai‘i’s natural beauty and an international art style created compelling images that haunt us today.  HPR’s Noe Tanigawa reports on the Honolulu Museum of Art’s Art Deco Hawai‘i show, set to close January 11th.

Find out more about the Art Deco Hawai‘i exhibit at the Honolulu Museum of Art.   It closes January 11.