Temptation Island

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Updated: 11/23/2020, 12:45 p.m.

The state Department of Health reported no deaths and 114 new COVID-19 cases today. Because of the department's two-day delay in posting new numbers, the counts represent cases from Saturday.

Oahu had 80 new cases, Hawaii County 10, Kauai 3, Maui 11, and Lanai and Molokai none. There were 10 new cases diagnosed out of state.

The latest counts bring the Oahu total to 14,873, Hawaii County, 1,551, Kauai 100, Maui 495, Lanai 106 and Molokai 17. The number of out-of-state cases total 191.

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There are definite signs of life in Hawai'i's film industry. Season three of "Magnum PI" is underway, and other productions are shooting on Hawai'i island and Maui. One industry expert says film and video are just a part of Hawai’i ‘s growing digital media industry.