Feeling stressed about what's going on these days is natural, but letting this stop you from living life is not. Dr. Daniel Lev, psychologist and founder of The Comfort Clinic, shares his perspective on how to focus on what's going right, in order to refocus our perspectives on the difficult situation going on right now during COVID. He has great tips that will help all of us navigate the next few months with a fresh approach. 



Heather Pierucki, LMHC, founder of ChangeWorks is on the show sharing her tips on handling stress during the pandemic, and finding ways to survive and even thrive in the new work from home culture. Commons / Released into the public domain

WAILUKU — Officials on Maui have launched a wellness mobile app for police officers to help them deal with the stress of the job.

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Managing our mental health during the holidays can be challenging – there is so much to do, attend and plan. This can leave folks feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stressed and depressed. HPR’s Kuʻuwehi Hiraishi filed this report.

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How do you find a way to your peak performance, whether at work or at home? Are there ways to avoid burnout in your profession by making your harmful stress levels more manageable? Next time on The Body Show, Dr. Kathy Kozak will talk with an author and expert about how to make the most of your abilities by making things as easy as possible to succeed.

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Stress. You can feel it - your heart pounds a bit more, you can feel a little short of breath. If you're being chased by a bear, this might be good, but it's not for everyday life. Next time on The Body Show, Dr. Kozak will talk with an expert about some of the natural ways to reduce stress, and feel better.

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Flickr / anieto2k

Ever get really nervous about what's going on? Feel super stressed and know that your body is feeling it too? Today on The Body Show, talking with an expert about stress and anxiety. When is it a symptom and when is it a disease?

  You work on your diet, exercise when you can... yet you can’t lose those extra pounds. Could stress be the culprit? Talking about the mind, body, food connection and how to fix it when things go awry.

Reading, Writing, Arithmetic — and Relaxing

May 6, 2016
Molly Solomon
Molly Solomon

Retention of new teachers continues to be a problem for Hawai‘i. The state Department of Education recently said it anticipates hiring as many as 1,600 vacancies for next school year. But as HPR’s Molly Solomon reports, educators are looking at creative solutions to keep those positions filled.

On a recent evening, teachers swapped their textbooks for yoga mats. That’s right -- it’s stress-relief night at the Hawai‘i State Teachers Association.

Do you find yourself getting a bit more stressed over the holidays? Too much to do, so little time? Well you are not alone, this can be the most difficult time of year for many of us. This week we talk to an expert about how to stay sane this season and start 2015 with a healthy state of mind! 

The Body Show: Stress

Aug 4, 2014

Stress is coming after us. Physical, emotional, chemical... it’s all around and can be contributing to worsening health and disease. Jack Ebner, PhD, is a biophysiologist, and has a plan to improve health with corrective nutrition. We’ll be taking a different approach to “doctoring” and talk about the keys of prevention and how to live a healthier life, because it’s never too late.