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In 2017, Hawai‘i set high tide records for four straight months. It turned out to be because of a combination of factors including sea level rise, and an El Nino effect. Today, HPR’s Planet808 takes a look at the high tides we’ll be experiencing this week.

NWS Issues Coastal Flooding Bulletin For Major Islands

Nov 25, 2019
UH Sea Grant College Program

The National Weather Service issued a special advisory Monday warning that flooding may occur this week along the shores of the major Hawaiian islands because of unsually high tides that are expected.

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Some very high tides are expected later this month, Nov. 25 to Nov. 28. Hawai‘i’s last "king tide" event happened at the end of July. Combined with a freak south swell, ocean levels rose over three feet and reached their highest point of the year so far. One water expert explains how Honolulu will cope with rising sea levels.

Chip Fletcher
Chip Fletcher

A hardy band of UH faculty and state and county officials is just back from a learning trip to U.S. East Coast cities that are wrestling with climate change. This week’s Future Focus conference brought academic, business, and government leaders together to collaborate on climate adaptation.

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An alternative approach to problem solving called design thinking may be able to help policymakers reduce the social cost of climate adaptation.

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WAILUKU, Hawaii — A study of the 20 Hawaii coastal highways most susceptible to erosion and structural degradation has found 10 of the roads are in Maui County.

Chip Fletcher
Chip Fletcher

Charles “Chip” Fletcher is a Professor of Earth Science at UH Mānoa. He’s also Vice-Chair of the Honolulu Climate Change Commission and has recently published the second edition of his textbook on climate change.  This lengthy examination of the topic has been a life changing journey.

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"We are in a crisis period." Those were the opening words of Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell given during his annual State of the City Address Thursday night.

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In 2012, the city of Hoboken, New Jersey experienced flooding in excess of 9 feet above normal levels. The city of 50,000 people, which sits just across the Hudson River from Manhattan, had sustained a nearly direct hit from a Category 3 hurricane. One source of flooding was a long-forgotten river, which had been paved over decades earlier.

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Local and national experts on climate change are in Honolulu today to discuss the state’s response to climate change challenges. HPR Reporter Kuʻuwehi Hiraishi has this story.

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A national scientific report on Climate Change released over the Thanksgiving holiday has underscored what communities across the nation need to do to adapt to global warming. Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell said that both the urban core will need to adapt and more rural communities may need to move.

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Kauai Flooding Recovery; Blue Line Project; Debt Free College; Poetry Out Loud

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Research published this week shows that sea levels will rise at least three feet by the year 2300, and that’s a best case scenario. Rising waters already threaten low-lying island nations in the Pacific and will eventually trigger mass migration. We have more from Neal Conan in today’s Pacific News Minute.

Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

Severe weather is dominating national headlines—from Hurricane Irma’s move toward Florida to the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. It’s also bringing closer attention to the potential effects of climate change. And a new report from the World Bank highlights particular risks in the Asia Pacific. HPR’s Bill Dorman has more in today’s Asia Minute.

The Conversation: Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

Aug 22, 2017
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Bluefin Tuna; Local Sea Level Rise; Accessing Medical Cannabis

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Wikimedia Commons

A new system will help forecast the effects of sea level rise and waves in West Maui.

Bytemarks Café: Rising Tides & Climate Change

Jun 14, 2017
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Wikimedia Commons

Today on Bytemarks Café, we’ll explore the rising tides, climate change and a phenomenon called King Tides. We’ve seen the physical effects of the recent King Tides but what can citizens do to help researchers studying potential.

Hawai‘i & Pacific Islands King Tides Project

Scientists studying sea level rise at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa need your help. Impacts of some of our highest tides of the year are predicted to be seen this week. And the general public is being summoned to document those impacts along the thousand or more miles of coastline across the island chain. HPR reporter Kuʻuwehi Hiraishi explains how anyone with a smartphone and coastline access can contribute to science.