Queen's Medical Center

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HONOLULU — A Honolulu hospital plans to update its policies after being struck by coronavirus clusters in two areas of the facility.

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The Queen’s Health Systems got a new president and CEO in October. Jill Hoggard Green took up her position shortly before the unprecedented challenges of 2020.

AP Photo/Marina Riker

Some Hawaii hospitals are getting hit harder than others with the surge in COVID-19 cases. But the Healthcare Association of Hawaii that represents hospitals has a plan: it will re-distribute patients if needed so facilities aren’t overrun.

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Big turnout and a few surprises in the primary election; Self care for physicians at Queen's Medical Center; State has a reopening and reclosing plan, but isn't following it; Job opportunities on Maui

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The Queen’s Medical Center on Oahu plans to establish a new unit dedicated to treatment of COVID-19 patients.

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A dozen doctors have lost their positions after a Honolulu hospital switched to a new employment contractor, officials said.

Wayne Yoshioka

Emergency medical care for Honolulu’s homeless cost taxpayers millions of dollars each year.  Now, there’s a possible solution. HPR’s Wayne Yoshioka reports.