What's better than soul and jazz? How about soul, jazz and everything inbetween? Tonight we'll be exploring everything from classic Blue Note jazz legends to modern brass ensembles here on Bridging the Gap.

While we won't be going on any real trips anytime soon, we can at least get a little trippy with our music selection by evoking some weird, eclectic and psychedelic sounds. We'll be playing lots of neo-psychedelia and fuzzy garage rock tonight on Bridging the Gap.

Cinco De Mayo was... earlier this week! But a semi-significant Mexican Holiday widely celebrated in the States only rolls around every so often - so why not use it as an opportunity some really fun Spanish language music? We'll be taking a deep dive into several Latin American genre's - old and new - here on tonight's show. Orale!

When the going gets weird, turn to music. For tonight's show we'll do a bit of globetrotting escapism with psychedelic rock, funk and soul from around the world.

Tonight on Bridging the Gap, we'll be going back to the murky, acid-drenched origins of garage rock, psychedelic rock and early hard rock. Expect to hear primarily lesser known cuts from early garage rockers and foreign trailblazers (with a few modern tracks here and there). Best enjoyed at high volume.


It seems like another week of heavy news stories emerging all across the globe, so to remedy that somewhat we'll be playing some world music here on Bridging the Gap tonight. Tons of afrobeat, psychedelic and soul from the four corners of our hectic world.

Ginger Baker is dead. The polyrhythmic drummer from Cream passed away today at 80, and is the inspiration for tonight's psychedelic rock heavy session of Bridging the Gap.

Willem Hampson

Bridging the Gap's Harrison Patino is feeling warm and fuzzy tonight - though not in the way you might think. For tonight's show we'll be exploring fuzz, distortion and reverb as techniques of sound, and the psychedelic effect it has on the songs that utilize it.

This session of Bridging the Gap is going to be a mellow psychedelic swirl of chilled beats and independent rock/folk... all anchored by Khruangbin.

Smoothing out all the wrinkles in your brain with a collection of fuzzed out psychedelic rock and world music.

noe tanigawa
noe tanigawa

Painter, installation artist, Yayoi Kusama is having her moment in the U.S.  With sold out shows in Los Angeles and Washington D.C., her installation at the IBM Building is a hidden gem of the Honolulu Biennial.  HPR’s Noe Tanigawa takes us there.