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US Navy Region Hawaii

About 700 gallons of fuel were recovered Friday after 1,000 gallons leaked from a fuel line at the Navy’s Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage Facility, according to the Hawaii Department of Health and the Navy Region Hawaii.

Chief Mass Communication Specialist Shawn P. Eklund / U.S. Navy

The U.S. Navy is now considering double-wall tanks for its fuel storage in Red Hill and says it will relocate the facility if that upgrade can't be done. 

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Wikipedia Commons

The U.S. Navy's plan to repair leaks at its Red Hill fuel storage facility on Oʻahu has been rejected by state and federal officials. 

A letter from the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Hawaiʻi Department of Health found 11 inadequacies in the proposal.  The Navy has been given 30 days to correct problems which range from including more monitoring wells to providing more details in the plan.

The fuel storage complex in Red Hill is located 100-feet above the groundwater aquifer that serves 600-thousand people.

Honolulu Board of Water Supply

The State and the Federal Government signed off last month on a long-term plan to prevent future fuel spills at the Navy’s Red Hill Facility.   The facility is located above O’ahu’s largest fresh water source.   As HPR’s Wayne Yoshioka reports, the City is not satisfied with the plan.