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Some workers in Hawaii who test positive for marijuana during drug tests would no longer face punishment if they hold a prescription for cannabis under a legislative proposal.

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In today's call-in show, we talked CBD in Hawaii. What is it? And why do you see it advertised and for sale everywhere? It's in oils, food, lotions and creams, even though the state Department of Health says state law prohibits it in cosmetics.

The compound is found in hemp and marijuana, but it doesn't get you high. Across the country, state and federal regulators seem to be at odds about whether CBD is safe or legal. 

Our guests today are:

  • Greg Edwards, Supervisor, Hawaii Department of Health, Food and Drug Branch
  • Me Fuimaono-Poe, Family Nurse Practitioner at Malie Cannabis Clinic

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A new medical marijuana dispensary plans to begin sales in Kailua-Kona on Sunday. Hawaiian Ethos is the eighth and final licensed medical cannabis dispensary to receive approval from the state Department of Health.



Legalizing recreational marijuana is a hot topic across the nation. Hawaii already allows medical this the year it legalizes recreational use? HPR Reporter Kuʻuwehi Hiraishi posed that question to those at the 2019 Hawaiʻi Cannabis Expo.

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Medical marijuana has been legal in Hawai‘i for nearly twenty years. But the concept is much newer in Southeast Asia. And one country in particular sees it as a growth industry.

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Medical marijuana and CBD oil, are they the same? If not, what conditions can they be used for? And how can you get these products? Next time on The Body Show, Dr. Kozak will talk about the science behind marijuana treatments.

The Conversation: Medical Marijuana and Gun Rights

Dec 5, 2017
Eielson Air Force Base

Medical Marijuana and Gun Rights

Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

It’s been two and a half years since Hawai‘i’s legislature approved a dispensary program for medical marijuana, and about four months since the first dispensary opened its doors. So as the medical marijuana industry finally gets off the ground, how are things going? We get an update from Pacific Business News Editor in Chief A. Kam Napier

The Conversation: Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

Sep 13, 2017

Banking for Dispensaries; Technical Challenges of Urban Rail; Women in Business

The Conversation: Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017

Aug 23, 2017
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Surviving Funding Cuts; Alt-Right in Hawaii; Co-Working Space Opens in Honolulu

The Conversation: Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017

Aug 22, 2017
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Bluefin Tuna; Local Sea Level Rise; Accessing Medical Cannabis

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Hawaiʻi’s first medical marijuana dispensary opened for business on Maui yesterday. The dispensary is one of two licensed to serve patients in Maui County. But what about patients living on Molokaʻi and Lānaʻi? HPR’s Kuʻuwehi Hiraishi has this story.

The Conversation: Monday, August 7th, 2017

Aug 7, 2017
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Medical Marijuana; Immigrants in Hawaii; Aloha Got Soul

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Wikimedia Commons

Hawaii’s marijuana dispensaries received another set-back this week when a key insurer pulled out of their market. Pacific Business News editor in chief A. Kam Napier, has more.

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Flickr / Dank Depot

Hawai‘i’s medical marijuana dispensary system is off to a slow start. While the law allowed dispensaries to open back in July, many are now waiting on the state. HPR’s Molly Solomon explains.

Molly Solomon
Molly Solomon

Today Governor David Ige, plans to sign a bill that will clarify many aspects of the state’s medical marijuana dispensary system. Before Hawai‘i cannabis can hit the market, it will have to be tested. HPR’s Molly Solomon visited one lab that’s hoping to be the state’s first.

Hawaii Picks Eight Licenses For Medical Marijuana

Apr 30, 2016
Molly Solomon
Molly Solomon

The Hawai‘i state health department has named the first eight licensees who will grow and sell medical marijuana. The winning companies now face the challenge of cultivating the product in time for dispensaries to open as early as July 15.

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Alejandro Forero Cuervo / Flickr

The State Department of Health has selected the on-line “seed-to-sale” tracking system that will manage Hawai‘i’s medical marijuana inventory.

Florida based BioTrackTHC was awarded the contract yesterday.  Their system will track every plant with a unique number, measuring each fraction-of-a-gram of cannabis from seed, through sale. Patrick Vo is the CEO of BioTrack THC. He says the system is important to bring transparency and accountability to cannabis operations.  

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Flickr / Alexodus

Next summer Hawaii will debut its first medical marijuana dispensary system. But lawmakers say there are still many issues that need clarification. HPR’s Molly Solomon reports.

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Brett Levin / Flickr

The Hawai‘i State Department of Health has released operation guidelines for the medical marijuana licensing program.

Under the current law, the DOH will establish eight dispensaries – three on O‘ahu, two for both Maui and Hawai‘i Island, and one for Kaua‘i. The rules explain the process for awarding dispensary licenses, and outlines security, safety, and tracking requirements.

Earlier this month the department announced that an on-line “seed to sale” system will be installed to track all marijuana in the islands.

Town Square: Medical Marijuana Education

Nov 5, 2015
Coleen Elliott / Flickr
Coleen Elliott / Flickr

  Following yesterday’s medical marijuana symposium, we carry on with educating physicians and the public about cannabis today on Town Square. With guests Dr. Scott McCaffrey- President of the Hawaii Medical Association, Dr. Scott Miscovich - Co-Chair of The Commission on Medical Cannabis Education of Physicians and Patients by HMA, and Dr. Kevin Hill of Harvard Medical School (who was the keynote speaker of yesterday's symposium).  Tune in 5pm on HPR-2. 

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Dank Depot / Flickr

Now that Governor David Ige has signed medical marijuana dispensaries into law, a new industry worth tens of millions could bloom. Pacific Business News Editor in Chief A. Kam Napier has more.

About 13,000 people in Hawaii have permission to use medical marijuana to treat various conditions. Medical marijuana has been legal for 15 years, but with one hitch – it has not been easy for patients to actually acquire it.

Entrepreneurs Predict High Times for Pot Dispensaries

Jun 17, 2015
Flickr / Alexodus
Flickr / Alexodus

State lawmakers spent most of last session crafting rules for a medical marijuana dispensary system in Hawai‘i. And as HPR’s Molly Solomon reports, it has the potential to provide a growing market for entrepreneurs eager to set up shop.

Town Square- What's Next for Medical Marijuana?

May 14, 2015

  15 years after its medical pot law, Hawaii has a legislatively approved system for dispensaries. Chances are good the Governor will support it. But what happens after the dispensary bill becomes law? Our panel looks at how the plan is made real this week on Town Square.

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Pixabay commons

Hawaii is one of 23 states that allows the use of medical marijuana. 

On January 1st, control of the state medical marijuana system will be changing from the Department of Public Safety to the Department of Health.  But patients whose registrations expire this month are urged to reapply by December 12th to avoid any lapse in coverage.  Applicants must still obtain a signed physician’s statement before applying.  Scotty Ruis is the project coordinator for the State Medical Marijuana program. 

A New Face to Support Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

Mar 24, 2014
Wayne Yoshioka

Supporters of medical marijuana dispensaries in Hawai’i brought a new face to the legislature.   As HPR’s Wayne Yoshioka reports, a House Committee heard that the medicinal value of marijuana is not just for terminally ill cancer patients.     

Looking for Pot in all the Wrong Places

Jan 23, 2014
Flickr /muyuy74
Flickr /muyuy74

Hawaii could be the next state to allow medical marijuana dispensaries.  Some lawmakers are pushing to legalize a system that could cultivate and sell the drug to approved medical patients. HPR’s Molly Solomon has more.