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The Covid 19 pandemic is highlighting the risks and benefits of being so physically and virtually connected across the globe. Like a virus, information has many avenues by which to travel quickly these days. Here, a communications expert discusses best practices for steering through the deluge of information you may be experiencing.

Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

We’ll explore efforts in workforce development and the IT Works Apprenticeship Initiative. What is the job demand for IT workers, what employers are hiring and how is the apprenticeship program helping?

Noe Tanigawa
Noe Tanigawa

  Mark Cunningham is a waterman; he was the expert in the lifeguard tower at ‘‘Ehukai, Pipeline, for twenty years, earning the friendship and respect of the world’s top surfers.  Cunningham won his first North Shore Bodysurfing Championship in high school, then won over a dozen more titles in a thirty year ocean safety career that spanned countless rescues.  HPR’s Noe Tanigawa reports he’s spent the last decade in the ocean, along the shore, and in his workroom.

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   Outside of large curated shows and juried exhibitions, artists across the state continue to press ahead, alone in the studio or in casual groups.  HPR’s Noe Tanigawa reports on four artists who have been sharing ideas recently.  

Bytemarks Cafe: Digital Libraries

Feb 19, 2014

On this episode of Bytemarks Cafe, we’ll learn how two local libraries are developing new ways to lend titles digitally.As books evolve from hardcopy paper to electronic books, how can libraries redefine themselves as information hubs in the digital era?

Honolulu's Information Technology Challenge

Jul 18, 2013
Wayne Yoshioka

The Mayor’s new Chief Information Officer has been on the job for about a week following his confirmation by the Honolulu City Council. As HPR’s Wayne Yoshioka reports, the new CIO inherited a daunting challenge that will require the effort of the entire Information Technology Department.