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Alexandra Koch, Pixabay
Alexandra Koch, Pixabay

COVID has changed the world and with over a million deaths worldwide, there are plenty of stories about coronavirus and what might come next if we have a second wave. Today on The Body Show, we’ll talk with an infectious disease expert about what the experiences on the mainland and beyond can teach us right here at home.

Hawaii Judiciary Archives / Punawaiola

The novel coronavirus is not the first infectious disease to prompt government action in the Hawaiian Islands. Public health interventions under the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi included everything from vessel screenings to travel bans to quarantine laws.

Rob Cowie / University of Hawaii at Manoa

Two doctors from the UH medical Scholl’s department of Tropical Medicine. Doctors Vernon Ansdell and Gerald Murphy will showcase efforts to deal with Rat Lungworm Disease on a national stage.  A conference on Tropical Disease and Hygiene in New Orleans gets underway this week. Interest in the disease is growing as cases have been discovered in southern states of the U.S.

The Conversation: Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018

Jan 2, 2018

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