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The Biden Administration is sending more COVID-19 vaccines to states. While the supply remains uncertain, here in Hawaii and around the country, the shots remain voluntary. But's no longer the case in the largest country in Southeast Asia.

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According to Johns Hopkins University, nearly 20 countries around the world have more than a million cases of COVID-19. The United States tops the list by far at more than 25 million cases. But the latest country to break a million is in Southeast Asia.

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As planning continues for wider vaccinations across the state, that process is taking place around the world. That includes Indonesia, where authorities are taking a slightly different approach with a different vaccine.

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The first does of vaccines for COVID-19 have been sent to locations across the country this week—including here in Hawaii. Vaccinations are also being distributed in Indonesia—but with some significant differences.

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The U.S. military is increasing efforts to counter China’s influence around the Pacific by cultivating partnerships with countries in the region. Hawaii is playing a central role.

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While vacation travel remains slow to non-existent in many parts of the world, diplomatic visits are continuing. And that’s true this week in Asia — where Japan’s new prime minister is on his first overseas trip since taking office just about a month ago.

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Thousands of protestors have turned out this week in city streets across Indonesia. They oppose a new law that went into effect this week affecting many parts of the country’s economy.

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As Oahu settles into another two weeks of a stay-at-home order, some other locations around the Pacific are putting new restrictions on movement. And that includes the capital city of the largest economy in Southeast Asia.

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Free testing for COVID-19 continues this week both on Oahu and around the islands. Testing is increasing in many areas across the country and around the world, but there are some dramatic exceptions—including Southeast Asia’s largest economy.

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The hospitality business is still on hold in Hawaii at least through the end of September, and possibly longer. Elsewhere in the Pacific, some popular tourist locations are taking different approaches when it comes to re-opening.

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Many students across the state are preparing to resume classwork next week. But the re-opening of schools remains a major point of controversy — not only in the United States, but also in one of Asia’s largest countries.

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As Hawaii moves closer to a gradual re-opening of tourism, other visitor destinations are doing the same. One of the latest to announce plans is the Indonesian island that's the country's most popular with visitors.

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While most states are starting to re-open their economies, many of them have not seen a consistent decline in the number of new cases of coronavirus. A similar pattern is emerging in some countries — including Indonesia.

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Indonesia is suspending domestic and international air and sea travel because of COVID-19. The government made that announcement today — shortly after the governor of Jakarta extended social distancing restrictions.

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Countries have adopted various strategies to combat the spread of COVID-19.  So have some cities. That includes the capital of Indonesia — where new social distancing rules take effect today. 

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Various states, cities and countries continue to take different approaches in battling the spread of the coronavirus. Late last week, Indonesia’s capital city declared a state of emergency.

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Testing for the coronavirus continues here in Hawaii and around the Asia Pacific. That includes in Indonesia — which announced its first cases this week.

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While catastrophic fires continue in Australia this week, another natural disaster is striking elsewhere in the Asia Pacific. Flooding in Indonesia has killed dozens of people this week, and forced tens of thousands from their homes.

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One of South Korea's largest companies is shifting its strategy when it comes to certain markets in the Asia Pacific. It's cutting back its presence in China, and making a big bet in Southeast Asia.

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One of the world’s biggest carmakers is staking out new territory in Southeast Asia. Toyota is stepping up its plans to produce electric vehicles in Indonesia.

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This is already turning out to be another week of dramatic political developments in the United States. But in Southeast Asia, there is drama of a different kind as the president there begins his second term.

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Still under pressure from student demonstrators protesting Indonesia’s proposed new criminal code, President Joko Widodo dropped a political bombshell yesterday when he told reporters he would be willing to meet with pro-independence leaders in West Papua.

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There’s a question many Hawaii residents have asked that is growing around the world. How does one balance the preservation of natural beauty with a growing tourism industry? A new approach was announced this week in Indonesia.

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At least 26 people have been killed after violence erupted again in restive West Papua. The worst incident came after rumors that a high school teacher from another part of Indonesia insulted an indigenous student with a racial slur.

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Thousands of people have been protesting against the government in one of Asia’s largest cities this week. These demonstrations are not in Hong Kong, but in the capital city of Indonesia. 

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Scores of firefighters on Maui have fought a high number of brush fires this summer that have burned hundreds of acres of land. This week, fires elsewhere in the Pacific are causing problems for several countries.

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At least ten people are reported dead and dozens arrested as political unrest continues in West Papua. Indonesia blames pro-independence groups for the violence, and has banned further protests.

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Climate change is affecting various parts of the world differently, and many of the initial impacts are in the Asia Pacific. That includes Indonesia, which has announced plans to move its national capital.

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The Jakarta Post reports that Indonesian President Joko Widodo will visit restive West Papua next week after violent protests there on Monday. Demonstrations erupted on news that Papuan students in Java had been subjected to racial abuse and arrest over the weekend.

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Here in Hawai’i we’re in the annual season of possible tropical storms and even hurricanes. But elsewhere in the Pacific, there’s another weather-related concern. In parts of Southeast Asia, it’s fire season — and emergency workers are trying to get ahead it.