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Jake Shimabukuro's latest release might be his most ambitious yet. Nashville Sessions finds the ukulele virtuoso in a power trio format, taking the traditional instrument into a realm of guitar-like distortion, freewheeling jams and introspective, highly electric passages.

The band Hiroshima are planning a hiatus after their current tour, which has them returning to the Aloha State September 9th on Kauai before a pair of dates on Hawaii Island. After playing the Blue Note  in Waikiki earlier in the year, band leader Dan Kuramoto explained to HPR ATC Host Dave Lawrence their reason for hitting Kauai and Hawaii Island on this return visit. 

Nick Yee
Nick Yee

A local artist is mixing the blues of Jimi Hendrix with the soul of Bill Withers.

Ron Artis II and his band “The Truth” are introducing a debut EP called “Little People” before starting a series of concerts across the islands.

Artis grew up alongside his 10 brothers and sisters performing for tourists who wandered into his family’s whimsically decorated home on O‘ahu’s north shore. Their father, Ron was best known for more than 900 murals around Hawaii.

An artist with long ties to the Aloha State returns tomorrow for the Great Waikiki Beer Festival at the Hilton. Kenny Loggins talked about the event, his new "Footloose" children's book project and connection to Winnie the Pooh when he returned to HPR's All Things Considered ahead of the Saturday concert for a chat with HPR ATC Host Dave Lawrence.

Earth Wind & Fire have a history going back decades with the Aloha State. While some bands never play Hawaii, the pioneering group have returned numerous times through the years, since making their debut in the islands at the Waikiki Shell in March of 1975.

Foghat have offered a heavy blues rock sound after several members left historic English blues rockers Savoy Brown to form the band in the early seventies.

The Conversation: Monday, August 15th, 2016

Aug 15, 2016
Wikimedia Commons

Education for the Future; Stand-Up Bass; How Different Levels of Government Affect You; A New Independent Film Made in Hawaii

This Saturday on Bridging the Gap... it's the Primary Election eve! So I'll be breaking in and out of the show for live updates and election results from the HPR News Team.  In between, it'll be the usual eclectic blend of music pulled from around the world.

Tonight on Bridging the Gap we're going Afro Funky with a few Brazilian jems mixed in

Rickie Lee Jones is returning to the Aloha State for a tour that starts August 3 on Kauai, before hitting Waimea August 5,  Hilo August 6, Honolulu August 7, and Wailuku August 9 and 10.

This Saturday on Bridging the Gap, a second attempt at a new music show (and, sorry for the abrupt change of course last week).  Its going to be an eclectic show with music from Clap! Clap!, CeU, and Thornato

Tonight on Bridging the Gap, I'm pretty much scrapping my planned set of new music for a rainy day set, but i'll try and squeeze in a few new ones.

Faye Archambeau

Joan Osborne has performed a few private shows in the Aloha State, but right now she's in the midst of her first real tour of Hawaii. HPR ATC Host Dave Lawrence caught up with her during the first portion of the tour, a run of dates at the Blue Note Hawaii through Sunday.

Wikipedia Commons
Wikipedia Commons

Honolulu has ranked 2nd in the country for being the best city for music fans… that’s according to valuepenguin.com.  Nashville took the top spot, and Seattle was number three and Madison, Wisconsin was fourth.

The study is based primarily on data collected from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the US Census Bureau.  Factors like the number of musicians, venues, radio stations, record labels, music stores, and even the weather were compared on a per capita basis for every 1000 people in each city.

This Saturday on Bridging the Gap, I’m joined on air by UH professor, and culture critic David Goldberg.  We’ll be playing some of his favorite songs, and learning why they’re relevant. (Note: There may be a little more talking during this show, you have been warned). 

Summer 2016 Mix

Jul 11, 2016

Pack up the car and head towards the water with this Summer Mix. It's a blissed out collection of tropical vintage tunes gently mixed into sunny psychedelic rock. 

This week on Bridging the Gap we’re listening to original sample sources.  These are rare songs that had a melody pulled out, and put into a different song that’s often more recognizable in the world of pop music. 

If your interested in checking out sample sources I highly recommend visiting the Who Sampled database.

Faye Archambeau

Today on All Things Considered during the statewide afternoon drive broadcast on HPR1, we offer a tribute to a music legend. A week ago today, the world lost one of the architects of funk, keyboardist/songwriter/arranger Bernie Worrell.

Legendary musician David Crosby is about to tour the islands, starting Saturday at the Blue Note in Waikiki, before more dates around the state.  He spoke to HPR ATC host Dave Lawrence about it.


Hear the complete interview.

Find more Dave Lawrence interviews and features at this website.   

Aerosmith guitarist and songwriter Brad Whitford took time for HPR's All Things Considered to discuss his new side-project release Whitford / St. Holmes Reunion and share some classic Aerosmith memories with local HPR ATC Host Dave Lawrence.



Hear the complete interview with Brad Whitford.

Gifted vocalist Lisa Fischer took time for a conversation while in town for a run of dates through Sunday at the Blue Note Hawai'i. She spoke about her childhood, work with the late Luther Vandross, The Rolling Stones and more during a conversation with HPR ATC Host Dave Lawrence.


Tonight on Bridging the Gap, I'm picking music joined together loosely by strings.

Recently musician Peter Frampton released Acoustic Classics, a sampling of his work through the decades, but in fresh acoustic recordings. The artist has enduring appeal, with some of his most well-known work still regularly featured on radio and in convenience store PA systems, even tracks that clock in at fourteen minutes.

Tonight’s session of Bridging the Gap is going to have a distinctly vintage sound.  We’ll be listening to African High-life, early Latin, Bossa, and maybe a little Jamaican Ska.

John Hammond is touring the islands now, playing the Big Island tonight, followed by dates on  Maui, Kauai and then back in Honolulu next week. He took time for a conversation in the HPR Atherton Performing Arts Studio with local ATC Host Dave Lawrence.

See the complete interview:

Gifted artist Esperanza Spalding is continuing a tour of the Aloha State tonight in Honolulu at The Republik.

Since 1969, Kool & the Gang have explored jazz, funk, soul, R&B, rock and psychedelia, at times, combining these varying music forms. A previous guest on ATC during their genre-mixing tour opening for the  2012 David Lee Roth Van Halen reunion tour, Robert “Kool” Bell returns to speak with local ATC Host Dave Lawrence ahead of their June 7th Honolulu show at the Blaisdell Concert Hall.     


Andy McKee has made a name for himself due to his impressive finger-style guitar playing, Youtube videos that have been viewed by millions and ongoing tributes to the late Michael Hedges, a guitarist whose name and innovative techniques McKee keeps alive.

New England blues act Sugar Ray and the Bluetones are performing a pair of concerts in the Aloha State, tonight at the Hawaii Theatre and Friday at the Naniloa Hotel in Hilo. Band leader Sugar Ray Norcia spoke with HPR All Things Considered Host Dave Lawrence.


Hear the complete interview.

The Conversation: Monday, May 16th, 2016

May 16, 2016

Election Rules in the Supreme Court; Transgender Students in Hawai‘i; New Album from North Shore Guitarist Ian O’Sullivan; Hale Nani Management Responds to Strike; Classical Violinist Nancy Shoop-Wu

Supreme Court to Hear Office of Elections Challenge: Lance Collins