The Conversation: Thursday, January 12th, 2017

Jan 12, 2017
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Outlook for Good Governance; Healthcare Reform in Hawaii; Jazz of Lenore Raphael

The Conversation: Wednesday, January 11th, 2017

Jan 11, 2017
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Shining A Light on Abortion; Can Honolulu’s Rail Project Be Turned Around? Crickets as the Sustainable Food of the Future

The Conversation: Tuesday, January 10th, 2017

Jan 10, 2017
Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transit

Women’s Issues in the Legislature; Budget Priorities for Honolulu; Science Fiction and Sea Level Rise

The Conversation: Monday January 9th, 2017

Jan 9, 2017

2017 Legislative Preview; Coffee Berry Borer Arrives on Maui; The Tangled Web of an On Screen Romance

Christiaan Colen / Flickr
Christiaan Colen / Flickr

We'll explore the latest in the field of artificial intelligence and its impact on the future of work. As machine learning and Big Data are leveraged to make better decisions, how does the knowledge worker of the future stay relevant?

Roger Mommaerts / Flickr
Roger Mommaerts / Flickr

Back pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel, arthritis, these are all conditions best treated by a combination of physical and occupational therapy. Next time on The Body Show, talking with experts about what these types of therapy can do for you and how the right activity can make all the difference. 

The Conversation: Friday January 6th, 2017

Jan 6, 2017
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Getting Kids Excited About School Lunch; Hamakua Development Plan; Game of Thrones the Musical; Americana in the Atherton

The Conversation: Thursday January 5th, 2017

Jan 5, 2017
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Future of OHA; Hawaii Teachers Cleared for Field Trips; Dancing While Pregnant

The Conversation: Wednesday January 4th, 2017

Jan 4, 2017
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Hawaii After the Affordable Care Act; Power of Unconventional Thinking; Exploring Color and Age on Stage

Town Square: Science in a Post-Truth World

Jan 4, 2017
Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

  If news is now more infotainment than fact, where does that leave science? Tomorrow, a talk with scientists who are concerned about their place in a post-truth world. Guests; Dr. Mark Hixon is the Sidney and Erica Hsiao Endowed Professor of Marine Biology at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa and Professor Joe Mobley of the UH Manoa School of Nursing.

The Conversation: Tuesday January 3rd, 2017

Jan 3, 2017
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The Fight to Recognize MLK Day; Women’s Solidarity March; Green Development in Kailua-Kona

Kārlis Dambrāns / Flickr
Kārlis Dambrāns / Flickr

Today on Bytemarks Café, talking to two companies in the latest Blue Startups cohort, building apps for properties. What do these apps do and how are these businesses evolving through the accelerator program?

Honolulu Homeless Crisis

Controversial Homeless Map; Community Approach to Business; Garden Isle Coral Garden

Wikimedia Commons

A Push to Increase Electric Car Use; Veterans Affairs Wishlist; Artist Heather Brown

Town Square: A Year In Review

Dec 28, 2016
Anthony Quintano / Flickr
Anthony Quintano / Flickr

We'll reflect on the end of the year in politics with our guest Chuck Friedman a longtime Democratic party political strategist. We'll look at the 2016 presidential race, the future of Hawaii's political parties, and how politics in Hawaii has changed over the years. Guest host Neal Milner moderates Town Square.

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Challenge to DHHL Funding Request; Taking Mental Health First Aid Mainstream; Campus Based Education Initiative; Cancer Support Group

aotaro / Flickr
aotaro / Flickr

  We’ll find out what opportunities exists for tech startups in the Asia marketplace. With the East Meet West event coming up in January we will talk about how Hawaii companies can differentiate and compete.

The Conversation: Monday December 26th, 2016

Dec 26, 2016

The Conversation Staff Favorites from 2016

Public Domain Pictures

Economic Winners and Losers of 2017; HIS Needs Your Help in the Effort Against Homelessness; Train Your Brain to Improvise


Unemployment Predictions for 2017; HPD Chief Kealoha Suspended; Making a Living as a Musician

Today on Town Square: Ann Wright

Dec 21, 2016
Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

Activist and former career Diplomat retired Colonel Ann Wright is home for Christmas in Hawaii. Next on Town Square we'll talk with her about where in the world her activism has taken her and what's next on her agenda that also might be on yours. Today at 5 PM on HPR-2.

The Conversation: Tuesday December 20th, 2016

Dec 20, 2016
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The Value of Humility; Signing Off From the Farm; Surfer Musician Tom Curren

The Conversation: Monday December 19th, 2016

Dec 19, 2016
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Statewide Effort Against Cancer; Pesticide Lawsuit; Local Band Makes it Big

Petr Kratochvil / Public Domain Pictures
Petr Kratochvil / Public Domain Pictures

  Time flies when you're a geek! Once again we'll review some of the latest gadgets to hit the market, just in time for the holidays. We’ll chat with a couple of gadget geeks who will share their favorite stocking stuffers, and we’ll take your calls for help in building your technology shopping list.

The Conversation: Friday December 16th, 2016

Dec 16, 2016

Divergent Electricity Rates; 2017 Economic Forecast; Stories from Desert Storm; Sports Photography  

Wikimedia Commons
Wikimedia Commons

You are what you eat or so the saying goes and as we learn more about what's really in our food and how it affects our bodies, knowing how to find the best types of ingredients to put in our meals can make all the difference. On this edition of The Body Show, we'll talk to nutrition experts about how to make sure what we eat is as good for us as possible...even if it is dessert.

The Conversation: Thursday December 15th, 2016

Dec 15, 2016

Lessons in Tourism from Other Indigenous Groups; Millennials in the Arab World; Tobacco and Hawaii’s Kids

The Conversation: Wednesday December 14th, 2016

Dec 14, 2016
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Addiction in America; Truth About Open Government; The Art of Film Editing

Town Square: New Report on Addiction

Dec 13, 2016
geralt / Pixabay
geralt / Pixabay

  The Surgeon General says it's time to change how we view addiction. With 1 in 7 Americans expected to develop a dependency sometime in their lives and only 1 in 10 who will receive treatment, it will be tough to gain ground without a new approach. Next time, we'll look in depth at Surgeon General's report and its impact on our already treatment- challenged state.

The Conversation: Tuesday December 13th, 2016

Dec 13, 2016

Drinking Water Well Protection on Maui; Go Behind the Headlines with Neal Conan; UH Students Take on Cyber Security