House Speaker Scott Saiki

Daniel Dennison (State of Hawaii)

Updated 1/13/21, 11:58 a.m.

Any reports of mass vaccination centers being set up in Hawaii are not yet definite says House Speaker Scott Saiki.

Pacific Air Forces 15th Wing

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Latest coronavirus cases

The Hawaii Department of Health says the state total of confirmed and presumptive positive cases of the coronavirus now stands at 37. Two cases of community spread have been confirmed, officials said in an update Friday afternoon. The latest numbers reflect 11 new cases since yesterday. One is a child, the state's first young case of COVID-19.

House Unveils Election Reform Package

Mar 6, 2019
Wayne Yoshioka

The State House of Representatives unveiled its election reform bills that crossed over to the Senate.

Wayne Yoshioka

The Governor delivered his State of the State address to the Legislature today.

State House Unveils Workplace Harassment Policy

Jan 7, 2019
Wayne Yoshioka

The State House of Representatives updated its new workplace harassment policy.

State Leaders Will Look for More Public School Funding

Oct 22, 2018
Wayne Yoshioka

State leaders, educators and community supporters came out today to call for additional funding for public education.  This, in light of the Supreme Court ruling Friday to invalidate a constitutional amendment for that purpose.

Wayne Yoshioka

Funding for public education will be a Constitutional Amendment question on the General Election Ballot, November 6th.  HPR’s Wayne Yoshioka provides a few viewpoints on this issue.

Wayne Yoshioka

The State Legislature is expected to submit a Constitutional Amendment question next week for placement on the General Election ballot.

Wayne Yoshioka

The State Legislature is considering a number of ways to ease homelessness statewide. But, for one key lawmaker, the way forward is a community solution. HPR’s Wayne Yoshioka reports.

Wayne Yoshioka

The State’s Chief Executive addressed a joint Senate and House assembly today in his annual State of the State. HPR’s Wayne Yoshioka reports.

House Speaker Saiki Update on Honolulu Rail Funding

Jul 24, 2017
Wayne Yoshioka

The State Legislature is scheduled to convene in Special Session next month to discuss continued funding for Honolulu’s Rail Transit System.  As HPR’s Wayne Yoshioka reports, legislative leaders remain hopeful they will be able to reach an agreement on a funding source. 

Wayne Yoshioka

The Leaders of the State Legislature want federal officials to know they are committed to resolving the funding issue for Honolulu’s Rail Transit project.   But as HPR’s Wayne Yoshioka reports legislative support will be limited.   

“Rail is a city project.  It is not a state project.  And it is the city’s responsibility to provide the financing to complete this project.”

House Speaker Scott Saiki made it clear.  The City is responsible for completing the rail transit project.   And, the State House and Senate leaders are committed to resolving the revenue stream issue.