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This pandemic has turned lots of people’s attention down to earth. Newfound gardeners have emerged and there has been a run on seeds, soil and all things related to growing food at home. Today we talk about seeds; taking stock of the state of seeds and learning about groups in our community who are producing seed to sell and grow.

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You may have joined many across the state who have started growing your own vegetables or fruits. Whether you are an apartment dweller or live in a home with a yard, join us for a show where we talk with experts about maintaining a healthy and thriving garden.


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Today, we throw the spotlight on beneficial bugs. They care the good guys in your garden. How do you encourage more of them to hang around? Are you planting things that invite bad bugs? What's a gardener to do?

This morning we welcome Darcy Oishi, the Biological Control Section Chief for the Hawaii Department of Agriculture; Chrissy Mogren, Assistant Researcher at the University of Hawaii; and Andrew Nowinski, aka "Da Bug Doctor," who holds 'green' pest control workshops with the Honolulu Board of Water Supply.

Click here to find out more about plants for bees in Hawaii.

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In our recurring egment on Hawaii's gardens and forests, we focus on an urban garden in our Honolulu. Foster Garden is on the National register of historic places. It covers some 14  acres and was founded in the 1850’s.

We were there at the gardens this past Arbor Day to chat with Foster Garden’s Director Joshlyn Sand about what's in store for this historic city garden going forward.


noe tanigawa
noe tanigawa

People gravitate to Andrew Binkley’s “Stone Cloud” at Foster Garden.  Part of the Honolulu Biennial, it is big, and looks quite heavy, hovering over the heads of those who wander by.  HPR’s Noe Tanigawa caught up with Binkley there in the Garden to find out what he had in mind.