Lutz Peter
Lutz Peter

Its the end of the week, but the beginning of a new month.  Shuffling through the musical library to find new songs as well as old songs that have collected a little dust throughout the years.  Its a shuffle of genres that include rare groove soul, funk, indie, and much more. 

Native Voice Films

Yesterday was International Women's Day and dj mr.nick did it justice, but tonight is my take on it with a lot of soul, funk, R&B, and a touch of reggae and electronica here and there. 

On this episode of Bridging The Gap, we'll be exploring the artists signed to Colemine Records. As a DJ, I should probably do a better job of paying attention to the labels my favorite artists are signed to, but I don't notice that often. I did, however, notice that a lot of songs I love have similar album art, which is basically this vintage 45 looking label with the word "Colemine" on it, which is the name of the record company they're signed to.

It's my last show of the year, so we're going out on a funky bang! This show is full of music that is infused with other genres (mostly reggae, dub, jazz, and hip-hop) that create these catchy, fun, and funky tracks to bid 2020 adieu to. 

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Settling into December with songs that have the word "warm" in the title, or just bring a sense of warm groove.

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I want a STICKER!

We're all taking in a lot of election-related noise this week, so I figured as a respite it would be nice to relax with an evening of instrumentals. No talking, no arguing - just great music.

I don't know about you, but whenever Fall rolls around I find myself much more in the mood for jazz. So for tonight, we'll start off with some jazz classics, move to some funk and soul, and finish up by putting some really exciting modern jazz on display.

Bridging the Gap ~ September 24th, 2020: Nostalgic Soul

Sep 25, 2020

Tonight's show is a decidedly soulful one. We'll start with some afro beat, followed by some lesser known cuts from the heyday of soul and funk. Expect some tracks you've never head before, and maybe a few that you have.

Miki Lo
Miki Lo

Focusing on the Funk tonight, to keep you dancing into the weekend. Also celebrating the life of Jon Horvath from the Fort Knox Five who passed away 5 years ago today.

What's better than soul and jazz? How about soul, jazz and everything inbetween? Tonight we'll be exploring everything from classic Blue Note jazz legends to modern brass ensembles here on Bridging the Gap.

Putting black voices and black musical artistry on display tonight all while looking back on some classic selections of soul, funk and jazz.

Bridging the Gap ~ May 21st, 2020: Nostalgic Soul

May 21, 2020

Tonight's show took a decidedly soulful turn. We started off by paying tribute to the recently passed Nigerian drummer and afrobeat legend Tony Allen, but quicky transitioned into some lesser known cuts from the heyday of soul and funk. Expect some tracks you've never head before, and maybe a few that you have.

Bridging the Gap: Funk, Psych and World

Mar 26, 2020

When the going gets weird, turn to music. For tonight's show we'll do a bit of globetrotting escapism with psychedelic rock, funk and soul from around the world.

This past Saturday, the last day of Hawaiian Language Month, I was asked to DJ an event put on by Mana Studios + Purple Maiʻa called "ʻŌlelo Jam." Mana Studios created a program called "ʻŌlelo Flix" where the public can translate the subtitles of Netflix movies into Hawaiian via a Chrome extension. They also taught keiki how to code in Hawaiian as part of their "Code Haumana" program.

Bridging the Gap ~ February 28th, 2020: Fat Friday

Feb 28, 2020

Fat Tuesday may have come and gone, but who doesn't love more Mardi Gras music? Jazz, soul, funk and a whole heck of a lot of brass band - all coming from in and around the great city of New Orleans.

In keeping up with the soulful theme laid down by my fellow DJ Paige with her motown on Tuesday, I'll be playing a selection  of soulful tracks tonight - all from modern artists. 

Tonight's episode is all about Motown - the classics as well as some not-so-well-known tracks from the label and its subsidiaries.

Digging through funky soulful riffs and sample sources in this upbeat session of Bridging the Gap.

Bridging the Gap ~ August 29th ~ World Music Cheer Up

Oct 10, 2019

It seems like another week of heavy news stories emerging all across the globe, so to remedy that somewhat we'll be playing some world music here on Bridging the Gap tonight. Tons of afrobeat, psychedelic and soul from the four corners of our hectic world.

Bridging the Gap September 19th, 2019 ~ All Vinyl Week

Sep 19, 2019

Bridging the Gap's All-Vinyl week just keeps on... truckin. For day 4 of our momentous celebration of sound on wax, we kick things off with some old school funk and soul hits, moving to some contemporary and punk sounds later on.

Is there a filmmaker with better soundtracks than Quentin Tarantino? As his new film, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, is set to release tomorrow, we take a look back at the whole of his repertoire to showcase some of the best tunes from Tarantino's flicks.

Harrison Patiño pays homage to the great New Orleans pianist Malcom John Rebennack known to the world as Dr. John who died today at 77.  As a tribute to the renowned musician a handful of best and most intriguing tracks interspersed with a variety of iconic New Orleans music... from dixieland to second line brass bands.

DJ Mermaid / Paige Okamura is bringing the funk and soul to the airwaves tonight with classic jams along with some newer music that fits into the groove. The first hour will have you dancing, while the second hour will help you wind down for the night. Goes great with cooking or cleaning the house.

Keeping it funky... Very Funky for this session of Bridging the Gap.  Mixing in new music from Parliament and Kerbside Collective and some favorites from Fort Know Five, Poets of Rhythm and more.

Serving up funky new discoveries mixed into some classics. Expect new music from Miles Mosley, Kamasi Washington, Lack of Afro, Parliament, Sly5thAve and more.

I'm gearing up for a DJ set with Good Foot tomorrow night at Downbeat Lounge.  So tonight's session of Bridging the Gap will be lean heavy on Funk, Soul, and Rare Groove.  

Dan Medhurst via The New Mastersounds
Dan Medhurst via The New Mastersounds

Keeping the music upbeat and funky tonight on Bridging the Gap.

Tomorrow on the show we'll be chatting with Simon of The New Mastersounds ahead of their string of shows at the Blue Note Hawaii.