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October is prime time for flu vaccinations, and the U.S. and Europe are gearing up for what experts hope is high demand as countries seek to avoid a "twindemic" with COVID-19.

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The medical impact of the new coronavirus is coming into sharper focus as it continues its spread in what is now officially recognized as a pandemic.

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It's flu season, did you get your flu shot yet? Will it work? What should you do if you still get sick? Next time on The Body Show, Dr. Kozak will talk about the current flu season, and what to do if you or someone you love gets influenza. 6:30 PM on HPR-1.

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The Centers for Disease Control says “widespread flu activity” continues in 48 states. While the latest list does NOT include Hawai‘i, the Healthcare Association of Hawai‘i says local hospitalizations for flu are 40 to 60 percent higher than last year. The severity of this flu season has brought attention to a Japanese company which says it has a single-treatment pill that can kill the virus in a day. HPR’s Bill Dorman has more in today’s Asia Minute.

Hawaiʻi Prepares for Flu Season

Jan 30, 2018
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This year’s flu season has been especially severe on the Mainland United States, with multiple deaths reported. Cases there are peaking, which means peak flu in Hawaii is still a few weeks away.

The Body Show: Flu!

Jan 22, 2018
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Claus Rebler / Flickr

Heard about the flu epidemic? Well if you haven't, trust us it's here. Yearly influenza infections are rising, and no one wants to be the next one to get it. Next time on The Body Show, Dr. Kathy Kozak will talk about the best way to avoid getting sick and what to do when everyone else around you seems to be infected. 

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Wikimedia Commons

An annual statewide school vaccination program is being scaled back.