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If you are going to stockpile anything these days, consider liquid savings.

A stash of easily accessible money to tap for emergencies is always important, but it is critical at times like these when people face potential layoffs and deep economic uncertainty.

Experts generally suggest having three to six months of savings on hand, but that can be tough for many people who are living paycheck to paycheck. At least one-quarter of American adults say they wouldn't be able to cover an unexpected expense of $400, according to a survey by the Federal Reserve.

The Conversation: Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

Sep 19, 2017

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Bringing Financial Literacy Into The Classroom

May 6, 2015
Molly Solomon
Molly Solomon

Hawai‘i is one of the worst states when it comes to preparing its high school students for financial literacy. A study done by The Center for Financial Literacy gave Hawai‘i an “F,” along with 10 other states. HPR’s Molly Solomon looks at some steps being taken to raise that grade.