HPR Music is currently compiling our "Best of 2018" playlists for Spotify. So I'm using this Throwback Thursday to play some of the songs from our DJs (and myself) from last year. You can find the entire selection HERE .

No theme or direction for this show. Just pulling records on the fly, and mixing some new songs into some old favorites. Pure's better this way.

This show is mostly an exploration into new music, but I pulled a lot of it from NPR's Alt.Latino's Best of 2018 list. The rest I'm filling in on the fly. Dark, yet Sexy.

Taking a cue from the rainy weather and pulling songs for this show that are perfect for cuddling up away from the rain.

Taking you into a late night global party for this session of Bridging the Gap. Starting off with a little boogaloo, and them hopping from funk, afro-disco, kuduro and more.

Elena Childers
Elena Childers

For this show, we're paying tribute to Pete Shelly, the singer of the Buzzcocks who passed away this morning.  I'm also using to opportunity to showcase early Punk music, and a few other more modern acts that drew immediate inspiration from them.

Starting off this set with a little XX and then getting lost in the musical woods with you. Won't you join me?.

Exploring the every changing landscape of Jazz music this evening, from classic reissues to uptempo breakbeats.

Feeling the winter, and the colder weather. So for this Monday evening, I'm keeping the music mellow and soulful.

Taking a dip into the sound and catalog of Daptone records... a small independent Brooklyn based record label specializing in a retro return of classic Soul, Funk, Gospel and Afrobeat. They've been mainstay of this show, and a lot of their catalog is currently on sale on Bandcamp, so what better time to feature them.

Keeping it funky... Very Funky for this session of Bridging the Gap.  Mixing in new music from Parliament and Kerbside Collective and some favorites from Fort Know Five, Poets of Rhythm and more.

Structuring this show around the music of Jimi Hendrix, who would have been 76 today.

Every now and then it's good to go back to the basics. So for tonight's show I'm pulling mellow selections from the "old book" the CDs that got me through my early years of DJing. When you're always chasing what's new, there's something wonderful about coming back to older songs that are so familiar.

No real theme for tonight's show... just keeping the music fun, upbeat and tasty.

Nursing the post Thanksgiving food coma with a selection of songs about...well...MORE FOOD! Enjoy.

Running through new Jazz releases and a few classics for this session of Bridging the Gap.

New Music... a DJ's precious blood transfusion. Proof that music is still alive and moving forward, or totally going into the trash. Either way, this show is made up of new releases or new discoveries.

On this chilly Monday evening, I'm keeping the music mellow and a little dreamy.

Mariuss Perlich
Mariuss Perlich

Cleaning up a busy week with lively new latin releases, broken up by a little afro-jazz, and surf guitars.

No theme or direction for this session of Briding the Gap... just picking music on the fly, and finding my way out of the musical woods.

Rhiannon Giddens
Rhiannon Giddens

In this episode of Briding the Gap, I'm focusing on new music and band coming to town in the near future.



The music for this session of Bridging the Gap will be picked on the fly... as we will be waiting for the last of the election results.

Since today is the midterms... I'm putting together a playlist to hype us all up to go out and VOTE!.

Keeping the music light and fun for this evening's session of Bridging the Gap.

Davide Bonazzi
Davide Bonazzi

There's no direction planned for this's better this way. So I'm just dropping the needle down somewhere, and we're going to find our way out of the musical woods together.


Happy Halloween to you! Tonight on Bridging the Gap, we're stomping through a collection of songs about death, the afterlife, and various creatures in a jazz meets rock meets electronic type of way.

Taking a cue from the rainy weather, and the night before Halloween and keeping the music a little dark and and wet.

Keeping the music mellow and reflective for this show. Blending in bits of indie folk into downtempo and jazz.

Keeping the music upbeat and filled with some afro-funky music in the 1st hour, and then some sunny indie surf in the 2nd hour. I'm also mixing in a little world music, new music, and upcoming Atherton acts.

Smoothing out all the wrinkles in your brain with a collection of fuzzed out psychedelic rock and world music.