Jordi Puig
Jordi Puig

Shaping tonight's show to be mellow, but with a distinctly global feel. That means some sitar driven downtempo, modern bolero, and so much more.

Evan Lorenzen
Evan Lorenzen

There's not theme or direction for tonight's show, just keeping the vibe light, fun and upbeat to create a little respite from the midweek blues.

Tonight on Bridging the Gap I'm switching back and forth between two of my favorite genres: Soul and Ska. They borrow so heavily from each other that they become easily interchangeable. I'm also using the opportunity to anchor the show with some Amy Winehouse who died 7 years ago yesterday.

Keeping the music light and mellow for this Monday evening.  Expect a mixture of Acid Jazz, mixed into some instrumental downtempo with a few surprises thrown in to soften the room.

Keeping the light, upbeat and fun to close out this week. Expect a little latin-electronic fusion, ska, funk and more.

Serving up funky new discoveries mixed into some classics. Expect new music from Miles Mosley, Kamasi Washington, Lack of Afro, Parliament, Sly5thAve and more.

It's Mandela Day, and would have been Nelson Mandela's 100th birthday. So I thought it would be fitting to assemble a collection of songs, not completely about Mandela, but to showcase a few South African artists and remind ourselves about the continuing need to strive for freedom and equality.

Turning the focus of tonights show towards the harp. We'll be weaving in and out of indie rock, classical fusion and jazz all tied together by the harp.

Since it's Monday, I'm keeping the vibe chilled and mellow... mixing a little downtempo, dub, and other sounds.

Keeping the music warm and upbeat to close out this week of Bridging the Gap. Expect new releases from Childish Gambino, La Luz, Chancha Via Circutio and more.

Michael McGrath
Michael McGrath

Sometimes keeping up with music, especially rock and roll with all it's different genres and history can be a little like pushing Sisyphus' rock up the hill.  Simply because there's always so much being released, and one really has to wade through a lot of rubbish and judgement to get to the good stuff. But once in a while it's nice to take a break from the norm and do a rock show.  Hopefully it's as refreshing as it's heavy.

Mixing music blind and without direction for this Wednesday evening (not literally). Starting somewhere and finding my way through new releases and some classics.  Expect a little drum & bass from ShyFX, pop from Disclosure and Louis the Child, and other surprises.

No real theme for tonight's show, just mixing some new discoveries with a few older favorites. Expect new music from a colaboration between Las Cafeteras and Making Movies, Lily Allen, Lucky Chops and more.

Casey Weldon
Casey Weldon

Keeping the vibe mellow and jazzy for this monday evening. Expect new music from Kamasi Washington, John Coltrane, a little mellow downtempo beats and more.

Running all over the place this Friday night... with happy music to propel you into the weekend. Expect a little Latin, Soul, vintage Hawaiian, and more.

No real theme for tonight's show, just picking music on the fly... the way radio should be.  Working in new music from Tanukichan, and a few others.

Happy 4th of July! I'm marking the occasion with a collection of songs about American immigrant struggles, political struggles, freedom, and protest songs often mistaken for being super patriotic.

Julie Filipenko
Julie Filipenko

Picking the music on the fly, and keeping the music eclectic as well as tasty... very, very tasty.  Expect a blend of downtempo, indy, reggae, and world.

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Keeping the music mellow and Jazzy this evening, exploring both new Jazz releases as well as some classics. I'll also be taking a dive into the new John Coltrane release of lost recordings.

Gray Malin
Gray Malin

Here we go with DAY 5... the last day of this weeklong summertime series.  And I think I've saved the best for last. It's going to be an upbeat mix of Soul, Reggae, Latin and other tasty treats.

Gray Malin
Gray Malin

Continuing on with day #4 of this "5 Days of Summer" special of Bridging the Gap. Tonight I'm keeping it really light and playful with a little reggae and jazz in the first hour, and slowing it down in the second.

Feeling better and continuing on with day #3 of this "5 Days of Summer" special of Bridging the Gap. Tonight I'm mixing a in a little Hip-Hop, Reggae, and Indy-Rock selections.

So I missed the the Summer Solstice last week, and my opportunity to do a show around it. So to make up for that... I'm devoting this week, hopefully all 5 days of it... to the warm sounds of Summertime.

Weaving together selections fo music picked from around the world for this Friday well as a few current favorites.

Picking out music on the fly this evening... and just trying to keep it nice and cool to even out this muggy weather with a little sophistication.

Creating a cure for the Hump-Day blues...with some BLUES! Well...Blues and Indy-Folk, and some Americana.

Today was such a lovely day... that it inspired me to put together a playlist of beautiful songs to fill the night air for tonight's show.  Expect some folk, downtempo, Spanish ballads, and more.

Tokio Aoyama
Tokio Aoyama

I'm using this monday night session to explore cuts from new musicians carrying on the torch of Jazz and Downtempo.

Fund the new Pacific Harp Project CD

For tonight's show I'm keeping the music random and fun and possibly a little silly to ease you backwards into the weekend.