Celebrating an early 4th of July with music from all the different colors of this country, songs of freedom and songs of struggle.

Filling the late night airwaves with reflective Soul and paying tribute to singer/songwriter Willie Wright who passed away at 80.

Keeping the musical vibe mellow, dreamy and slightly psychedelic in this session of Bridging the Gap.

Wilfredo Lam
Wilfredo Lam

Complicated rhythms mix with electronic percussion and tropical feels tonight in this session of Bridging the Gap. With new music from Captain Planet, Khruangbin, and Atropolis and weaving in and out of Semba, Jungle, Boogaloo, and other global soul.

This is one of those Bridging the Gap sessions where I couldn't settle on a theme. So I'm leaning back on the traditional AAA format and keeping the selection random and eclectic.

Exploring mostly new music tonight with a focus on the currrent at state of Jazz.  With new music from Ezra Collective, Blundetto, Bibio and more.

Floyd Cooper
Floyd Cooper

Happy Juneteenth to you and yours. This session of Bridging the Gap will celebrate the end of slavery and hope for a brighter future through sound. Expect a mixture of Gospel, Americana, Soul, and a little Hip-Hop.

The offical start of Summer is this Saturday, but i'm jumping ahead just a little and stringing together a sunshine filled summertime set for this session of Bridging the Gap.

Keeping the selection mellow and eclectic for this session of Bridging the Gap, with new music from Norah Jones, Cantoma, Black Pumas and more.

Olivier Bonhomme
Olivier Bonhomme

Funky grooves mix into complex rhythms for this session of Bridging the Gap.

Keeping the late night airwaves nice and eclectic with a blend of Soul, expiremental Indie Rock, and a little Americana.

Lucia Heffernan
Lucia Heffernan

Keeping the late night airwaves mellow and cool this evening with a blend of Downtempo, Soul, and Jazz.

This session of Bridging the Gap is random (really random), anchored by new music from Run the Jewels and reaching out into Classic Rock, Funk, and Electro Latin Fusion.

In radio slang, a "Music Bed" or "Audio Bed" is an instrumental piece of music that's used to cradle the announcer's voice. We use these and NPR uses these to carry your ear over a section, but you normally only hear roughly 15 to 30 seconds of the song. So for this session of Bridging the Gap, I'm playing some of my favorites, and a few you may hear often on HPR in their entirety.

With everything going on in the news right now, from COVID to protests, to Trump... I thought it would be nice to take an audio break with a collection of pretty, mellow Folk, World and Soul. I'll try my best not to make it too political.

Seth Tobocman
Seth Tobocman

A musical reflection of the current state of racism, politics and progress in the US, weaving back and forth between Hip-Hop, Soul, Punk and Global Beats. Any opinions contained in the music do not reflect Hawaii Public Radio or National Public Radio.

This session of Bridging the Gap is one of those unorthodox public radio moments that is unplanned. There were about three songs I had planned out, and then ran out of time... so the rest of the set is picked on the fly on gut feeling, dead reckoning, and bone tired decision making.

Tonight we're gonna give the drummer some, and pay tribute to Jazz drummer Jimmy Cobb who passed away at 91. Each song featured in this session has Cobb  behind the drums, and is a collection of some of greatest recordings in Jazz.

The title for this session of Bridging the Gap is closer to the picture then the selection, which is a run though textures of latin-electro. With special focus on new music from Dengue Dengue Dengue, Populous, and Buscabulla.

I couldn't settle on a theme for this session of Bridging the Gap, and it's probably for the better. So it's going to be an eclectic ride with a twist of Hawaiian music.

Throughout the day there's been a steady mist of rain. If you squint your eyes it's almost like gently falling snow. It's also great inspiration for a playlist of mellow, pretty songs for this Monday evening.

Keeping it eclectic for this session of Bridging the Gap, mixing electronic African percussion, soulful creole, a little Hip-hop and other tasty global delights.

Working on low hanging, yet extremely tasty low hanging fruit this evening on Bridging the Gap. Selecting songs from my collection, both favorites as well as songs that I haven't heard for a while. These shows are my favorite to do, stringing together memories and killer songs in a free flowing selection.

Seriously, what's going on? There seems to be a serious uptick of musician deaths. Both from Coronavirus and natural causes. It's almost starting to dominate the programing in the most grim way.

Electronic music owes so much to Kraftwerk, and earlier this week their co-founder Florian Schneider passed away at the age of 73.

Once again, a show prompted by a memorial. This session of Bridging the Gap is going to be an upbeat collection of Ska, Reggae and Rocksteady music paying tribute to singer Millie Small who broke-through with her hit "My Boy Lollipop". She passed away yesterday at the age of 72.

This is one of those shows that starts off as single song that inspires and entire evening of music. I this case it's the tropical swing of John Williams' Cantina Band from Star Wars (May the 4th be with you). So we're going to start there, and swing through steel drums, gypsy swing, and a few other surprises.

In this session of Bridging the Gap we pay tribute to drummer Tony Allen, the foundational drummer behind the texture and rhythm of Afro-Beat music. Allen passed away on April 29th, 2020 from a heart attack.

Exploring new releases this evening on Bridging the Gap. Heavy on the Indie Latin with releases from Wonderwheel Records, and some Indie Rock, Acid Jazz and more.

Since we all need to relax dring these COVID times, this session of Bridging the Gap is going to be a chilled collection of Downtempo, Bossa and Cool Jazz.