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Divers from the Department of Land and Natural Resources investigated and identified probable World War II munitions off the south shore of Lana‘i on March 25.

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WAILUKU — Residents in east Maui have proposed creating a protected fishing area to preserve fish, seaweed and other resources that once sustained neighboring communities.

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HONOLULU — The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources has been fined nearly $222,000 for operating seven large-capacity cesspools on Kauai island.

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LIHUE — Wildlife officials in Hawaii have euthanized a green sea turtle who was hit by a vessel and stranded on Kauai.

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WAILUKU, Hawaii — Hawaii plans to leave undetonated World War II ordnance in place off Maui until a nonexplosive removal option is developed.

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While many locations are looking to ease their COVID-19 restrictions – others are still on lockdown, including Hawaiʻi. This presents potentially dangerous challenges for those sailing the oceans in private boats. 

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HONOLULU — Reports of a "ghost net" floating off the coast of Hawaii have mariners, pilots and residents on the lookout for the large array of netting that poses a threat to sea life.

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The state now owns nearly 4,000 acres of native forest on Oʻahu's North Shore with the purchase of land stretching from the Koʻolau summit to the middle of the Waimea Valley.

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Two Oahu boaters say they pulled out an unattended lay net that they measured at 500 yards long from a restricted area in Kaneohe Bay last week.

Department of Land and Natural Resources

State researchers are enjoying a rare opportunity to observe the formation of new life on Hawaii Island's Pohoiki shoreline.

Maui Fire Department
Maui Fire Department

Climate change could be creating conditions in Hawai'i similar to those in California, where wildfires have devastated parts of the state, according to a University of Hawai'i wildfire expert.

Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources

Hundreds of fish died in Maui's Wailuku River this week while the state was implementing measures to improve their habitat.

Thousand-Foot Illegal Lay Net Found in Kaneohe Bay

Oct 8, 2019
Department of Land and Natural Resources

The Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources found an illegal lay net estimated at 1,000 feet long in Kaneohe Bay on Sunday.

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WAILUKU — A fungal disease local to Hawaii has not been rediscovered after being found on Maui for the first time earlier this year, officials said.

Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology
Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology

HILO — Multiple sharks in Hawaii have been found without their fins, raising concerns among marine biologists, a report said.

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Kauai tourists will need to save their change if they're planning a visit to two of the island’s most popular state parks.

Starting Friday, the state plans to charge out-of-state visitors and commercial buses fees to park at Koke’e and Waimea Canyon State Parks. Residents, however, can enter the parks for free after showing identification.

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Hawaiʻi's Kona crab fishery is healthy enough to expand the catch brought to market, according to an assessment by a federal marine science agency.

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We have certainly heard a lot about climate change and like it or not, we are having to adapt to extreme weather patterns.  Today's show looks at carbon and ways to offset the pollution generated.  How do polluters pay for creating damaging carbon emissions?  We try to understand the situation and explore possible solutions this hour.    

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A large piece of undeveloped land in Oahu’s Ko’olau mountain range is now preserved in perpetuity for the public. The state Department of Land and Natural Resources acquired the property to be set aside for recreational activities like hiking and hunting. But accomplishing that took a lot of help and a lot of money. 


The State Land Board will be taking up a hot-button issue that some say could set a bad precedent for public lands across the state.

It has to do with public beach long used by the hotel for resort activities. Critics say the state hasn’t been adequately compensated.

The Sierra Club, Hawaii’s 1000 Friends, the Surfrider Foundation and a handful of Kahala and Diamond Head residents have written the Land Board and the staff of DLNR about their concerns.

Bytemarks Café: The DLNR's Coral Pyramids

May 23, 2018
Department of Land and Natural Resources

Today on Bytemarks Café, Burt and Ryan will find out about a fast-growing coral that the Department of Land and Natural Resources uses to repopulate the reefs. They will hear how these corals are given the 5-star treatment and then out planted as coral pyramids.

Holo Holo Charters / Flickr
Holo Holo Charters / Flickr

A meeting on the Lehua rat eradication project is being held on Kauai tonight.

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