BRUSSELS — Just a week before the deadline, Britain and the European Union struck a free-trade deal Thursday that should avert economic chaos on New Year's and bring a measure of certainty for businesses after years of Brexit turmoil. 

Once ratified by both sides, the agreement will ensure Britain and the 27-nation bloc can continue to trade in goods without tariffs or quotas after the U.K. breaks fully free of the EU on Jan. 1.

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LONDON — Britain's election campaign heated up Sunday with Prime Minister Boris Johnson saying he would apologize to Conservatives for failing to take the U.K. out of the European Union by Oct. 31 and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage saying he won't personally run for a seat in Parliament.

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LONDON — In a decision that badly undermines Boris Johnson's authority, Britain's highest court ruled unanimously Tuesday that the prime minister broke the law by suspending Parliament in a way that squelched legitimate scrutiny of his Brexit plan.

The historic move by the U.K. Supreme Court offered a ringing endorsement of Parliament's sovereignty and slapped down what justices viewed as the legislature's silencing by the executive.

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LONDON — The simmering showdown between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Britain's Parliament over Brexit came to a head as lawmakers delivered three defeats to the government's plans for leaving the European Union, before being sent home early Tuesday for a contentious five-week suspension of the legislature.

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The US presidential election has not only dominated the US news cycle for weeks, it’s also been a focus overseas. HPR’s Bill Dorman looks at early media reaction from the Asia Pacific in today’s Asia Minute.

Shock, disbelief and uncertainty.  And that was just the reaction of financial markets in the Asia Pacific.  As Donald Trump pushed closer to the White House, regional stock indices tumbled.  Markets around Asia closed before the election was settled—with Japan taking the biggest hit.

The Nikkei sank more than five and a third percent—to a three-month low.

Town Square: Changing Political Landscapes

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  We hear it in Donald Trump’s presidential campaign to make America great again by bringing back jobs and saying no to trade deals, we see it in the BREXIT vote and in subsequent calls by other countries to do likewise and chart their own futures. 

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Jeff Djevdet / Flickr

It's now a week since voters in Britain decided to pull out of the European Union.  The economic and political effects have been felt around the world, including the Pacific, where The United Kingdom has deep ties to many countries.  We have more, from Neal Conan in the Pacific News Minute.

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Wikipedia Commons

Financial markets in Asia began the week with a more measured view of events in Britain than the US stock market.  Some of the larger equity markets even began the week with strong gains, while currency markets have had a more complicated reaction.  HPR’s Bill Dorman has details in today’s Asia Minute.

When it comes to big money in Asia, it’s still early to fully evaluate the implications of Britain’s exit from the European Union.  After steep sell-offs last week, stock markets across Asia have generally calmed down a bit.

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