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Boeing, an icon of American manufacturing, suffered its first annual financial loss in more than two decades while the cost of fixing its marquee aircraft after two deadly crashes soared to more than $18 billion.

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CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. — Boeing's new Starliner capsule ended up in the wrong orbit after lifting off on its first test flight Friday, a blow to the company's effort to launch astronauts for NASA next year.

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Southwest Airlines is scheduled to begin service between Sacramento and Hawaii on Sunday, part of its expanding flight schedule in the islands since entering the market and challenging local leader Hawaiian Airlines earlier this year.

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WASHINGTON -- Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg faced withering questions from senators Tuesday about two crashes of 737 Max jets and whether the company concealed information about a critical flight system.

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A panel of international aviation regulators found that Boeing withheld key information about the 737 Max from pilots and regulators, and the Federal Aviation Administration lacked the expertise to understand an automated flight system implicated in two deadly crashes of Max jets.

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Boeing has found another software issue that needs fixing on its 737 Max jets, and the discovery explains why the aircraft maker is delaying its schedule for getting the planes back in the air.

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ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — A doomed Ethiopian Airlines jet suffered from faulty readings by a key sensor, and pilots followed Boeing's recommended procedures when the plane started to nose dive but could not avoid crashing, according to a preliminary report released Thursday by the Ethiopian government.

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U.S. aviation regulators say Boeing needs more time to finish changes in a flight-control system suspected of playing a role in two deadly crashes.

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  The U.S. is issuing an emergency order Wednesday grounding all Boeing 737 Max 8 and Max 9 aircraft "effective immediately," in the wake of the crash of an Ethiopian Airliner that killed 157 people, President Donald Trump said.

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International safety officials are in Ethiopia, still investigating that tragic air crash over the weekend. In the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration is keeping the Boeing 737 Max 8 in the air. But some countries have temporarily grounded that airplan including at least two in Asia.

Hawaiian Airlines

For airlines, the single biggest purchase they'll make are the planes themselves. PBN editor-in-chief A. Kam Napier has more on how Hawaiian and Alaska Airlines approached their choices.

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Yuichi Kosio / Flickr

When it comes to tourism in Hawai‘i, the Asia Pacific is a growth market. Airlines are continuing to increase flights from the region---and that’s creating another challenge.  HPR’s Bill Dorman has details in today’s Asia Minute.

Boeing and Airbus are fierce competitors who don’t see eye to eye on a lot…but they agree the Asia Pacific is running short on airline pilots.  Both companies forecast the region will be the world’s largest travel market within two decades.