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Find out how using artificial intelligence can help gauge our economic recovery. On this edition of Bytemarks Café, learn how A.I. sensors can gather data on social distancing, and whether people are wearing a mask in high-trafficked retail outlets.

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On this edition of Bytemarks Café, a discussion about the growing influence of artificial intelligence and its representation of humanity. As AI algorithms play a bigger role in decision making, how do qualities like ethics, compassion, and inclusion get programmed into the code?

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On this edition of Bytemarks Café, a look at the impact of artificial intelligence and how students can get involved. A discussion with the team at Oceanit about how they've built a curriculum to help high school students learn about AI and get a jump on this exploding field.

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WASHINGTON — "Deepfake" videos pose a clear and growing threat to America's national security, lawmakers and experts say. The question is what to do about it, and that's not easily answered.

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Today on Bytemarks Café, Burt will help dispel some of the fear factor around artificial intelligence and machine learning. He'll find out how one local company built a tool that gives high school students an easy way to train their computers for specific tasks. 

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Artificial Intelligence has been used for everything from teaching computers to play chess to helping speed ride-sharing services on thei rway. And now one government agency is using it to track humpback whales in the Pacific.


This week workers at Marriott hotels are on strike. Here in Hawaii that includes the Sheraton Waikiki, The Royal Hawaiian, Moana Surfrider, Sheraton Princess Kaiulani, and the Sheraton Maui. Among demands regarding compensation, the strikers are seeking guarantees about job security as the hospitality industry begins to embrace automation. 

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It may feel like the era where robots can truly replace humans is far off, but it may be closer than you think. At the Global Tourism Summit in Honolulu this week attendees got to listen to a conversation between a human and a highly advanced artificially intelligent robot.

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The Pacific Operational Science and Technology Conference in Honolulu featured an Oceanit presentation, “Can Machines Think?” HPR's Wayne Yoshioka reports. 

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Today on Bytemarks Café, Ryan and Burt will explore ways to reinvent education and whether artificial intelligence can pave the way. Joining the guys will be Mid-Pacific Institute's Brian Dote and renowned educational philanthropist Ted Dintersmith to explore whether A.I. can put Hawaii students on the path to most likely succeed.

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Christiaan Colen / Flickr

We'll explore the latest in the field of artificial intelligence and its impact on the future of work. As machine learning and Big Data are leveraged to make better decisions, how does the knowledge worker of the future stay relevant?


  Today on Bytemarks Cafe, we’ll talk about artificial intelligence and how a local company is paving a new path with strong AI. We’ll also talk to Oceanit to find out what Strong AI offers and how this novel approach enables new applications. 5 PM on HPR-2.