Fact: I am a 90s baby. Additional fact: I'm going to see the Backstreet Boys live here in Honolulu and am beyond stoked. So in honor of fulfilling my lifelong 90s-baby dream, I decided (under dj mrnick's heavily judgemental watch) to do a 90s throwback show featuring some of my favorite hip hop/R&B/indie rock tracks that I grew up with.

I'm doing something a little different and a little special this evening. Creating a little time portal for myself, and playing music from my life back on this date in 1995.  It's a personal one for me, and all of the songs in tonight's set really helped me to overcome some tough times, and helped to gel not only my musical interests, but who I am today. So thank you in advance for tolerating this show which will be a total departure from the regular programing.