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Superintendent Christina Kishimoto on the move to get students in the classroom; Mobile vaccine clinic at an old remote fishing village; Saying goodbye to Sears retail stores; Reality Check with Civil Beat; Coffee farmers battle a coffee leaf rust

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Senator Mazie K. Hirono's new book "Heart of Fire" and her thoughts on race and gender; The Honolulu rally to stop Asian American hate; Reality Check with Civil Beat; Loyal customers remember Love's Bakery on its last day in business; Manu Minute introduces us to the ‘akikiki; The Long View w/Neal Milner

Catherine Cruz

Longtime Kaneohe Bakery closes its doors after nearly 70 years in business; Stop Asian American hate rallies nationwide and locally; Reality Check with Civil Beat; Local artists' perspective on non-fungible tokens

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Former Congresswoman Pat Saiki's new book and thoughts on race and gender; Small-scale farmers and access to local food; Non-fungible tokens, what exactly are they?

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The state tax filing deadline is April 20 and the federal deadline has moved to May 17--both are right around the corner. To get people up to speed on the latest tax bills passing through the Hawai‘i State Legislature and the newest tax laws, The Conversation spoke with three local tax experts and answered call-in and email questions from our listeners.

Pop Up Mākeke

Pop Up Mākeke, an online marketplace for local vendors; Hawai‘i's rural residents share their challenges during the pandemic; Reality Check with Civil Beat; A new campaign to warn teens of the dangers of e-cigarettes; Gourmet chocolate shop in Chinatown

AP Photo/Caleb Jones

The latest scramble to vaccinate people before COVID-19 variants spread; Combatting crime in Waikiki as tourists return; Reality Check with Civil Beat; Tobacco Trust Fund's possible elimination; Manu Minute introduces us to the mōlī, the Laysan albatross

State of Hawai‘i

Lt. Gov. Josh Green on tourism and vaccines during the pandemic; Hawai‘i County Mayor Mitch Roth reflects on first 100 days in office and managing tourism; Reality Check with Civil Beat: Pending departure of superintendent Christina Kishimoto; Honolulu Police Chief Susan Ballard weighs in on CARES Act funds and overtime pay

Kamehameha Schools

Kamehameha Schools on ensuring a safe return for its students and staff; Reality Check with Honolulu Civil Beat: Could ‘Vaccine Passports’ work for Hawai‘i?; University of Hawai‘i Cancer Center saving lives with colon cancer screenings; Kanaka Climbers talks educating rock climbers about respecting cultural sites

Bas Bookshop

Anti-Asian bias locally and nationally; Police Chief Todd Raybuck and racism on Kaua‘i; Visiting community bookstores across Hawai‘i

Steven Businger

The push to vaccinate hospitality workers; Maui healthcare workers honor those lost during the pandemic; An innovative renewable plastic project kicks off on the Big Island; UH Mānoa professor Steven Businger on Hawai‘i's status as rainbow capital of the world

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Mobile vaccine clinics roll out in high risk communities; The Long View with political analyst Neal Milner; Reality Check with Civil Beat: Defects on the rail project; Protecting the native i'iwi bird; Manu Minute with Dr. Patrick Hart; Local students help storm water runoff project

Courtesy Hawaii Department of Transportation

Mayor Derek Kawakami on the state of Kauai; Cashew farmer Frank Hinshaw; Reality Check with Civil Beat: Patchwork vaccine rollout with little policing; Drive-in movies at Campbell High School

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Healthcare Association of Hawaii on vaccine rollout; Honolulu Fish Company on weathering the pandemic; Reality Check with Civil Beat: Gentleman estates squeeze out serious agriculture potential; Kauai's Neu Mana Hui Farm grows cashews; Preschoolers learn codes in nature

Wikimedia Commons

Update on Hawaii's vaccine rollout; Reality Check with Civil Beat: Military and family members 16 and up eligible for vaccines; Real estate expert on sky-high home prices; Next steps for flood victims; Former emergency administrator on dam safety

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Nick Yee / HPR

Common Cause on automatic voter registration; Scott Miscovich on expanding COVID testing nationwide; Reality Check with Civil Beat: School superintendent not renewing contract; State of local businesses from the eyes of Oahu Auctions; Talk story with Sonia Lo of Lanai's Sensei Ag

Map of Kaupakalua Dam / Google Maps

Flooding response continues on Maui

Maui Mayor Mike Victorino is expected to survey the extent of the floooding in east Maui again today. By some estimates, half of the total rainfall that the Valley Isle usually sees in a month fell yesterday, overwhelming the Kaupakalua reservoir. Residents have been evacuated, and emergency crews are working to clear roadways. Mayor Victorino is waiting on the State to approve his request to declare the area a disaster zone.

Tumisu / Pixabay

Anti-Asian violence on the rise; Bishop Museum exhibit explores scientific racism; Finding Ohana's young star; Printmaker Steven Kean; Just Futures conference; Hawaii school counselor of the year

Casey Harlow / HPR

The Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations Director Ann Perreira-Eustaquio answers questions about the backlog of unfulfilled unemployment claims; Honolulu Civil Beat reporter Stewart Yerton discusses potential Hawaiian Airlines' layoffs; the head of Local Five talks efforts to vaccinate hotel employees; and U.S. Postal Inspector Jeff Fitch dishes on recent postal scams and how to avoid becoming a victim.

AP Photo/David Goldman, File

Update on the Marshallese community in Arkansas; The Long View with Neal Milner: Is it time for optimism?; Reality Check with Civil Beat: Info on Hawaii prisoner deaths hard to come by; ‘Ōleloflix brings Hawaiian language subtitles to streaming content; The Royal Room honors Native Hawaiian music and culture

Center for Oral History

Today, we're bringing you another program with our partners at the Center for Oral History at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and the Hawaiian Council for the Humanities. As we start Women's History Month, this morning's topic is "Visionary Women in Politics and Education."

Jimmy Emerson, DVM/Flickr / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Today, we're revisiting our conversation with the Center for Oral History at UH Mānoa about the town of Waialua.

Guests include Kim-Hee Kanoe Wong, oral historian and instructor for the North Shore Ethnographic Field School, UH Professor Ty Kāwika Tengan with the Departments of Ethnic Studies and Anthropology, and Waialua community member and Kumu Hula Keith Awai.

Joel Abroad/Flickr / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Windward Oahu withstand weather at 'Aikahi Elementary; New president takes charge at Maryknoll School; Reality Check: Can Landlord-Tenant Mediation Stave Off Mass Evictions?; Combatting global disinformation; Hawaiian monk seals face threat from dogs

Windward Oahu withstand weather at 'Aikahi Elementary

The U.S. National Archives

U.S. Postal Inspector warns of mail theft; Hawaii's stamp collectors; Reality Check with Civil Beat: State ineffective in getting farmers on land; What's new at the Hawaii State Archives; Gardening tips from a Molokai homesteader

NASA/Bill Ingalls

COVID-19 cases behind bars; Big Island doctor reflects as physician-assisted-dying bill advances in Hawai'i Senate; Reality Check: State budget shortfall smaller than expected; Alzheimer's virtual conference tomorrow; Punahou grad on the latest Mars mission

COVID-19 cases behind bars

Courtesy Sensei Ag

Bill would require state agencies to buy local produce; Executing Larry Ellison's agricultural vision on Lanai; Reality Check with Civil Beat: Zippy's wants to pay employees to get vaccinated; Union leader on remote working policy for government workers; Challenges with telehealth adoption


New grants seek to expand telehealth throughout the state; Reality Check: how the pandemic has exacerbated our teacher shortage; Rental assistance program rolls out for Native Hawaiians; Perseverance rover hunts for ancient life on Mars

New grants seek to expand telehealth throughout the state

verygreen/Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0

The City's stewardship of Chinatown

Mayor Rick Blangiardi pulled Anton Krucky, co-founder of Tissue Genesis, out of retirement in order serve as the Executive Director of the Office of Housing. In his new role, Krucky is looking at how the City can be a better steward of Chinatown. He's attended a Downtown Chinatown Neighborhood Board meeting and has spoken with residents, business owners, and City department heads about how best to move forward.

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

U.S. Senator Brian Schatz on transportation, Hawaiian homelands and more; East-West Center fellow talks latest on Myanmar; Reality Check with Civil Beat: Lawmakers try to shift tax burden to non-residents; President Truman's aloha shirt collection