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Bridging the Gap is Hawaii Public Radio's late night eclectic journey into sound, 10-midnight on HPR-1. Anchored by dj mr.nick, and now featuring Paige Okamura on Tuesday nights and Harrison Patiño on Thursday nights. Together they explore a wide range of music from Indie Rock to Electronic, to World, to Jazz, to Hawaiian, and everything in between.

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Ewa Juszkiewicz
Ewa Juszkiewicz

Picking up where I left off on Wednesday with an eclectic mix of World Music with an electronic beat driven touch. Expect bits of Cumbia, Afro-Funk and other groove.  The inspiration for a lot of tonight's show came from a Spotify playlist called Folk Fabrique

Sometimes you want music that raises your heartbeat, gets you amped for the night ahead, and generally brings some adrenaline to the table. Conversely, sometimes you just want to relax and let the music wash over you. Tonight with be the latter kind of show. Indie offerings ranging from soul, rock, jazz and everything in-between.

Ewa Juszkiewicz
Ewa Juszkiewicz

This eclectic session of Bridging the Gap will focus on World Music with an electronic beat driven touch. Expect bits of Cumbia, Afro-Funk and other groove.  The inspiration for a lot of tonight's show came from a Spotify playlist called Folk Fabrique

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It's always good to take the time and honor the Native voices and stories of our ʻāina, and not just as a once-in-a-while thing, but all the time, so that it becomes he mea maʻa mau ia (a regular thing) for you and I.

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On good weekends when I have free time, I have a hobby of fixing and restoring old surfboards. There's something wonderful about breathing new life into something old and getting it back into the water. It's also an opportunity to listen to music uninterrupted. So, the music in this session of Bridging the Gap are some favorites when I'm surrounded by fiberglass dust and fumes.

Nothing Happened Today
Nothing Happened Today

Electronic beats dominate this not-so-scary late night Friday the 13th session of Bridging the Gap. What's scary is that most of it will be picked on the fly, and built around new music from Sault, Quantic, Bonobo, Kokoroko and more.

Sometimes that producer is just as important as the talent. Tonight, we'll be doing a deep dive on Brian Burton, aka Danger Mouse - one of the most prolific alternative producers over the past 15 years. He's had a hand in releases big and small, and has also seen plenty of success as a musician in his own right. 

LA Times
LA Times

This session of Bridging the Gap will focus on dreamy indie pop and folk, while dipping into a little shoegaze and other bits of beauty... starting with a dreamy sun-soaked song from maye.

Tonight's show has no name because I don't know what to name it. It's a little bit of this, a little bit of that, a lot of self-reflection and a sprinkling of hope.

Digging into the current state of Jazz music in this session of Bridging the Gap, mixing it up with bits of experimental, beat driven and world influenced songs... as well as a few classics.

Tyrone Turner/WAMU
Tyrone Turner/WAMU

So as of recording this show... we still don't have a new president. But it's getting oh so close as votes trickle in. With that said I'm musically reflecting back on the last few days of election ups and downs with an eclectic, yet sarcastic selection of Soul, Indie Rock and Hip-Hop.

We're all taking in a lot of election-related noise this week, so I figured as a respite it would be nice to relax with an evening of instrumentals. No talking, no arguing - just great music.

Neon Cat DC via NPR
Neon Cat DC via NPR

Sitting in live on this election night, and breaking in here and there to bring you the local election results. I'm picking music on the fly, and since we don't know the results, trying to keep it as neutral as possible.

Brooke Didonato
Brooke Didonato

With election day coming tomorrow we face a very uncertain future. So I'm using this session of Bridging the Gap to send out one last night of hope and calm.

Happy Halloween! Although we can't safely go out and celebrate this Halloween, we can still revel in the sound of it. So this session of Bridging the Gap will be a collection of favorite Halloween songs ranging from vintage swing to silly horror-punk.

In a slight departure of our typical oevre, we're going to be going pretty heavy this evening. Punk, post-punk, and even some stoner and doom metal to channel some cathartic aggression in the run-up to Halloween. If you don't like loud music, maybe skip this one.

Doing a mixed DJ set tonight on Bridging the Gap ahead of Friday's virtual dance party. It's the 1st public DJ set in a while... so I'm shaking off the rust and testing to see if I can still mix records. The event is this Friday at 8pm. RSVP from the link below.

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It's the last night of our Fall Pledge Drive! It's also the pre-Halloween, kabuki-spooky-vibes show. I imagine that any of the songs in tonight's show would do well in the soundtrack of a horror movie. 

I'll also be DJing back-to-back with sassy-pants dj mr.nick this Friday for a virtual Halloween dance party for HPR's GenListen - get your tickets here.

Paying tribute to DJ José Padilla, who many consider the godfather of chillout music. He passed away last week at 64. He was the resident DJ of Café del Mar in Ibiza for 4 decades, and the music tonight is pulled from a few of their many compilations. We're also winding down our Fall 2020 Pledge Drive and if you want to (and can) support HPR...

Tanguy Jestin
Tanguy Jestin

Keeping the mood upbeat and eclectic for this Friday night session of Bridging the Gap, with mostly beat driven new music from Garza, Disclosure, Gerardo Frisina and more. If you want to (and can) support HPR... the number is (888) 536-4700 or pledge online.

For this very pledge centric show, we'll be running with a lot of really great indie - most of it relatively new. In particular, we'll be putting a lot of emerging female artists from Australia. Starts mellow and ends with a kick - stick with it. If you have the means to support the station during our drive - call (888) 536-4700 or make a donation on our website.

Sticking mostly to Soul and Rare Groove for this 3rd day of HPR's Fall 2020 Pledge Drive, Expect music from Vulfpeck, Nina Simone, Daptone records, Jackie Shane and more. If you want to (and can) support HPR... the number is (888) 536-4700 or pledge online.

I know nothing about Exotica. Luckily, our friend Randy Wong knows a lot about Exotica! Randy is the President of the Hawaiʻi Youth Symphony and bandleader of modern exotica band Waitiki 7. Randy not only curated tonight's show, but he also provided in-depth history on Exotica as a genre and the musicians behind the music. Mahalo nui Randy!.

Anchoring the first day of HPR's Fall 2020 Pledge Drive, and I'm trying to keep it mellow with favorites from the last 6 months or so. If you want to (and can) support HPR... the number is (888) 536-4700 or pledge online.

Tonight's outing feature's a very laidback offering of relatively new indie with a few eclectic throwbacks tossed in for good measure. We'll close out with a particularly strong track by Fiona Apple from her most recent album - with plenty of great music before that.

Digging through an eclectic mix of new music in this session of Bridging the Gap. Expect new stuff from Proleter, El Buho, Cults, Hypnotic Brass Band and more.

There's a cosmic event happening this evening that takes place every two years where the Mars and the Sun are on opposite sides of the Earth. The event is called "Opposition" and it's great for checking out the red planet. So i'm using the oppurtunity to play a few songs about space, starting out with Bowie's "life on Mars".

Kauaʻi Historical Society

Hauʻoli Lā ʻŌiwi iā kākou a pau! Happy Indigenous People's Day! DJ mrnick asked me to switch with him today to celebrate ka poʻe ʻōiwi o kēia ʻāina nei, ka poʻe Hawaiʻi hoʻi. 

Tonight we are taking a look at how our mele have survived and evolved over hundreds of years from chants and hula ʻōlapa to being sung with modern instrumentation today.

Since mail-in ballots are arriving in Hawaii's mailboxes, I figure it's a good time to pull together a voting soundtrack to encourage all of us to fill it out and get it into the mail ASAP.

I don't know about you, but whenever Fall rolls around I find myself much more in the mood for jazz. So for tonight, we'll start off with some jazz classics, move to some funk and soul, and finish up by putting some really exciting modern jazz on display.