Writ of Kalikasan; Mid-Pac Students in Edinburgh; Teacher in the Arctic; Larry Spalding

Jul 24, 2014

Thursday, July 24th – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Environmentalist from the Philippines: Dr. Romeo Quijano

Earlier this year, a number of states at the UN Human Rights Council affirmed their obligations under human rights law to provide a safe, clean, healthy and sustainable environment. 95 constitutions around the world have that right explicitly spelled out. The US isn't one of them, and neither is Canada. But the constitution of the Philippines does guarantee the right to a healthy environment, and a legal remedy if that right is trammeled – the Writ of Kalikasan. Dr. Romeo Quijano is visiting Hawaii this week to make that point and he joined us today to discuss. He'll be holding informal discussions statewide over the next few days, and you can join him for the first of many tonight at Kokua Kalihi Valley's Roots Cafe.

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Mid-Pacific School of the Arts Students at Edinburgh Fringe Fest: John Wat

It’s the kind of adventure in theater most high school students can only imagine – a chance to perform an original work at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with a side-trip to Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, a shrine if there ever was one. The orginal work is the play “Glass,” which students at the Mid-Pacific School of the Arts will perform and which John Wat, drama director at the school, wrote. He joined us this morning for more.

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Teacher on National Geographic Arctic Expedition: Cristina Veresan

There are summer trips and then there are adventures. For middle school science teacher Cristina Veresan, the Arctic Svalbard ranks as one of the best vacations she never planned. Last month she found herself aboard the National Geographic Explorer as part of a competitive professional development opportunity. In the eight years of the Grosvenor Teacher Fellowship program, she is the only educator ever selected from Hawai'i. The experience changed her perspective and her lesson plans. Cristina Veresan is getting ready to start a new school year and joined us today with some insight for other science teachers.

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Atherton Concert: Blues Harmonicist Larry Spalding

The tradition of the traveling bluesman is being kept alive in its second century by musical storytellers scattered around the country – and it’s in good hands.  Larry Spalding has been part of that tradition for decades, playing harmonica and ukulele in a variety of settings, always with the emphasis on the classic tunes we have come to know as “American Roots Music.”  Larry will bring his skills to our Atherton studio Saturday night in company with slide guitar master Stefan George, and he was here to give us a sample today.

Intro Music: Paradise Lost by Stefan George
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