What Exactly Does the Lieutenant Governor Do?

Jul 24, 2018

From left to right, Jeremy Low, Steve Lipscomb, Kim Coco Iwamoto, Jim Shon, Josh Green, Jill Tokuda, Bernard Carvalho Jr., and Will Espero.
Credit Ryan Finnerty

  Hawaii’s primary elections are less than 3 weeks away. Yesterday, we highlighted the race for Congressional District 1 as part of an HPR electrion forum. Today we’re putting the spotlight on another contentious race: Lieutenant Governor.



At a forum sponsored by the Kokua Council yesterday, candidates were asked how they would change the role of Lieutenant Governor and what responsibilities they envision for that office.

The forum and its central question were conceived by Jim Shon. He is a former state legislator and President of the Kokua Council. He published a paper ahead of yesterday’s event exploring the role of the Lieutenant Governor in states around the country. The Conversation’s Ryan Finnerty caught up with him after the candidate forum.