What Are We Doing About Homelessness In 2019?

Jan 18, 2019


Credit PublicDomainPictures.net

Next week across our country volunteers will be out trying to get good numbers on our homeless population.

The Point in Time Count takes place Tuesday, January 22nd.

Every state is marshaling forces to visit homeless encampments to understand what the trends are as we try to find solutions to what has reached crisis proportions in many cities.

Last year’s numbers indicate a decrease in homelessness. How good are those numbers? As 2019 gets underway, state and county lawmakers work to provide more affordable housing and support services to those in need. What are you seeing in your community?

Has the situation gotten better ? Gotten worse?

Joining us in the studio today were:

  • Lt. Gov. Josh Green who during his campaign pledged to own homelessness.

  • Sam Millington is the new Executive Director of Partners in Care, the coalition spearheading the Point in Time Count.

Participating by phone:

  • Scott Morishige has been the Governor's Coordinator on Homelessness since 2015 and  has worked with many of the service providers prior to being tapped to help lead the way.

  • Brandee Menino is Chief Executive Officer for Hope Services Hawaii, an affiliate non-profit organization of the Roman Catholic Church in the State of Hawaii who helped the Big Island community deal with hundreds of families who found them homeless overnight because of the lava overflow.