Trade Winds

Apr 4, 2018

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There is much that ties Hawaii to the Asia Pacific. Part of that is geography, but it’s also culture, immigration, and economics. Trade Winds looks at some of those economic issues and how they affect the people who live around the Asia-Pacific. It is a project of Hawaii Public Radio's News Director Bill Dorman, who spent more than ten years covering business news in Asia.


Steel was one of the major goods targeted by Trump Administration tariffs.
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Possible Consequences of Chinese Tariffs 

The Trump Administration’s decision to impose tariffs on some Chinese products is a major shift for the United States; away from a multilateral, rules-based approach and in a direction that is going it alone. The disputes on steel and aluminum and with China did not start with a case before the World Trade Organization. And for the United States, that’s a change. Andrew Posen from the Peterson Institute for International Economics explains more.


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The Hidden Cost of Shipping Your Holiday Package

Suppose you were in California and wanted to ship holiday gifts to friends in Hawaii and Australia. Which shipment do you think would cost more? The trip to Australia is much longer, but unless you’re using next-day air delivery it’s also probably cheaper. The reason is a hundred-year-old shipping law known as the Jones Act.  A recent conference in Washington, D.C. explored the law’s impacts on Hawaii and other parts of the United States that are separated from the mainland.