Tracking the Hawaiian Moon in the Digital Age

Jun 27, 2014

Credit Flickr / Rex Maximilian
Kealopiko sells Hilo 'Ia A Pa'a, a moon journal for recording observations.
Credit Kealopiko

If you look up at the sky tonight, you’ll notice a new moon. According to the Hawaiian Moon calendar, this first phase is called Hilo – which means a twisted thread of light. In the past, Hawaiians used the moon and its different phases to track time. Now a group of people are using digital tools to try and resurrect this traditional practice. HPR’s Molly Solomon has more.

Find out more information about the Moon Phase Project or click here to purchase a Moon Phase Journal from Kealopiko.

These are some recent posts on the Moon Phase Project Instagram page:

ʻOlepau || check out this awesome kiʻi from @hkawelo of these "recruiting translucent post larval surgeon fish" now happening at #paepaeoheeia . Her mana'o is that they are Pualu, anyone else seen this stage of iʻa? Mahalo @hkawelo you always make awesome observations! #hiloiaapaa #anahuluhoemi #kaaona

Kūpau: straight from @lehuaboom "We learned yesterday visiting with #unclegaryeoff that Olonā flowers which look like a bunch of balls are especially abundant during the months of June and December, Solstice months. Makes sense seeing how this plant is so closely related to the works of Kāne and Kanaloa. Male flowers produce delicate white petals while the female balls throw bright orange seed pods" @lehuaboom also mentioned how olonā seedlings are popping up on this moon | Pu'ukala, Kona | mahalo for sharing such valuable 'ike and the beautiful ki'i!@lehuaboom #hiloiaapaa #kaaona #hoonui #kupau

Hilo || awesome mauka and makai observations from @lilialani and @kanoeulalani we see the wedding flower (Stephanotis floribunda) blooming up mauka and bleached manauea looking limu floating in small mats and bunches in as the tide turned from low to high in Kona, Oʻahu #hiloiaapaa #hilo #anahuluhoonui #welo

Passing thunderstorms in the month of Nana fill ao, kahawai, and wailele with WAI. #hiloiaapaa #mauli

'Olekūlua (or 'Olepau): 'ōhua and other pua i'a like āholehe and kūmū abounding in the shallows and tide pools during the low tide of Hā'ena, Hawai'i. Mahalo @linnea_ihilani ! #hiloiaapaa #anahuluemi #kaaona

Tag your own posts tracking the moon by using the hashtag, #hiloiaapaa. 

You can also learn the phases of the moon through song: