Stargazer March 6 - 12, 2017: Mauna Kea Telescope Conducts Cosmic Census

Mar 6, 2017

Credit courtesy of Shawn A. Laatsch

On this week’s Stargazer, in addition for a few items to look for in our dark island skies, we learn about a Cosmic Census conducted by one of the observatories atop Mauna Kea as HPR All Things Considered Host Dave Lawrence speaks with Christopher Phillips.

This image is a color composite of just one small portion of the COSMOS field, taken at the Subaru Telescope using the Hyper Suprime-Cam in the g, r and i bands. In just this one glimpse, thousands of galaxies are present, with researchers reporting that the light took billions of years to reach us.
Credit Princeton University/HSC Project

Learn more about the effort here on the Subaru Telescope's website.