SEEQS, British Car Club, Cyber Security, SubTonic Orchestra

May 20, 2013

It’s Monday, May 20 – From HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Sustaining the sustenance of sustainability

Buffy Cushman-Patz is the leader of the School for Examining Essential Questions of Sustainability AKA SEEQS. In 2010, she was awarded the Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship. She has taught math and science in public, charter, and independent schools in Hawai'i.

Oh simply do have a rather British day, won’t you?

Brett Pruitt is the president of the British Car Club of Hawaii, which is gathering to show off its vintage automobiles Sunday at Kapiolani Park in Honolulu.

With ends like this, who needs frenemies?

Major General Darryll Wong became Adjutant General for the State of Hawaii in January 2011.  He oversees the training and readiness of the 5,500 soldiers and airmen of the Hawaii National Guard.  He’s also the director of State Civil Defense, provides direct support to the Office of Veterans Services, and is the Homeland Security Advisor to the Governor.

Sub-tonic sonics? Super!

DeShannon Higa is the trumpeter and leader of the SubTonic Orchestra, which will perform at Honolulu’s Doris Duke Theater this Saturday.