Search Continues for 12 Missing Marines

Jan 17, 2016

Credit U.S. Coast Guard
Credit U.S. Coast Guard

The search continues for 12 missing marines after two military helicopters crashed late Thursday off O‘ahu’s north shore. Coast Guard Captain Jim Jenkins said there are no plans to call off the mission and still believes there’s hope for survivors. “We’ve been searching 24 hours a day since we were notified and got on scene,” said Jenkins. “We are dedicated to trying to locate and bring back these service members.”

Jenkins said the Coast Guard is working with the Marines to determine how long the search and rescue mission will last. “Every day we’re analyzing what we’ve done,” said Jenkins. “We analyze the likelihood of any survivors and we’ll continue our efforts as long as needed.”

Credit U.S. Coast Guard

The active rescue mission, now entering its third day, included an underwater search Sunday afternoon by a Navy ship equipped with sonar. The Coast Guard said so far, they have conducted 78 individual searches on the North Shore, covering a total area of 18,349  square miles.

Coast Guard Captain Jim Jenkins confirmed that there has been debris collected that is consistent with the Super Stallion helicopters that went down. The agency reminded the public to report any debris they come across and to call the Marine Corps at (808) 257-8458 or (808) 257-3023.

The U.S. Marine Corps released the names of the 12 missing Marines on Saturday:

  • Maj. Shawn M. Campbell, 41, College Station, Texas.
  • Capt. Brian T. Kennedy, 31, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Capt. Kevin T. Roche, 30, St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Capt. Steven R. Torbert, 29, Florence, Alabama. 
  • Sgt. Dillon J. Semolina, 24,Chaska, Minnesota.
  • Sgt. Adam C. Schoeller, 25, Gardners, Pennsylvania.
  • Sgt. Jeffrey A. Sempler, 22, Woodruff, South Carolina.
  • Sgt. William J. Turner, 25, Florala, Alabama.
  • Cpl. Matthew R. Drown, 23, Spring, Texas.
  • Cpl. Thomas J. Jardas, 22, Fort Myers, Florida.
  • Cpl. Christopher J. Orlando, 23, Hingham, Massachusetts.
  • Lance Cpl. Ty L. Hart, 21, Aumsville, Oregon.