Sean Connelly: Land Division/Life Division

Sep 23, 2014

Sean Connelly's installation, "Land Division" at the Honolulu Museum of Art
Credit Shuzo Uemoto

Sean Connelly with his piece, "Land Division", made of strawberry guava branches
Credit noe tanigawa


Participants in the UN Climate Change Conference this week in New York are looking to the roots of the problem for systemic change.  Some previously unquestioned facets of life might need to be re-examined, like the way we categorize land and build our cities.  HPR’s Noe Tanigawa reports on the idea of Hawaiian urbanism.

“Land Division”, an installation by Sean Connelly continues on view at the Honolulu Museum of Art through November 9th.  

Sean Connelly’s website, Hawaii Futures, outlines a futures framework for development intended to restore watersheds, making wai (water) the central organizing element of urbanization in Hawaii.

Sean Connelly on TedX, "Discovering the Technology of Paradise

Find Sean Connelly’s essay, “Urbanism as Island Living,” in the recent publication, The Value of Hawai‘i II

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