Reading Babies, Play: "The Goodbye Girl," Hacktivism, Yoga

May 17, 2013

It’s Friday, May 17 – From HPR2, It’s The Conversation

Bookish babies with glad intent

Robert Titzer, Ph.D. researches infant learning. He has taught in public schools in Guam and in California. He’s the creator of Your Baby Can Read. The program is still in litigation with the federal Trade Commission. Meanwhile he’s in Honolulu this week to speak at the  United Health Care Baby Expo.

Saying hello to “The Goodbye Girl”

John Rampage is the director of the Diamond Head Theatre production of “The Goodbye Girl,” which opens next Friday and runs through June 9th.

Hacking the hacktivists down to size

Jason Martin is president and CEO of Hawaii based Secure DNA. He has been working in IT security, auditing and governance for 15 years and has advised the Hawaii state Legislature on emerging cyber security risks. He is a founder of the Shakacon Security Conference.

What's worth twisting yourself into a pretzel

Neel Kulkarni will teach tonight and Saturday at the Still and Moving Center in Honolulu.