Protection of Kuamo‘o Battlefield and Burial Grounds Finalized

Jan 4, 2016

Credit The Trust for Public Land

A historical area of land on the Southern Coast of Hawai‘i Island will be protected from development.

The Kuamo‘o battlefield and burial grounds cover forty-seven acres of land south of Kona.  In 1819- the Nephew of Kamehameha the first clashed with Liholiho over keeping the traditional Kapu system of order in place.  Liholiho was victorious, but many warriors from both sides perished in battle and were buried on the property.

Late last week the land was purchased by Keola Beamer and Aloha Kuamo‘o ‘Āina group from Margaret “Possum” Schattauer. The organization plans to create a living museum and keep the land free of development for future generations.  Keola Beamer is the president of Aloha Kuamo‘o ‘Āina.  

Beamer says the next step is to begin clearing the land of invasive species as well as setting up cultural education programs there.