Permitting Process Established for 5G Infrastructure

Jun 25, 2018

5G antennas are much smaller than previous generations of wireless technology, meaning they can be installed on pre-existing structures.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

App-based services and businesses have fundamentally changed the economic landscape. But their evolution would not have been possible without a high-speed wireless network over which to transmit all that data. That network is known as 4G or LTE.

The next generation of even faster wireless networks is known as 5G, and it’s poised to further change an already dynamic digital landscape… but those networks can’t be built without first developing the infrastructure to support 5G.

Last week Governor David Ige signed a law that will establish a permitting process for companies seeking to build 5G infrastructure in Hawaii. It’s part of an initiative to grow Hawaii’s tech sector and make the Aloha State attractive to mainland tech companies.

Burt Lum is the Strategy Officer for the Hawaii Broadband Initiative and explains what it will take to bring 5G to Hawaii.