Out To Sea: Hokulea Makes Final Preparations

May 12, 2014

Credit Hōkūleʻa Image ® Polynesian Voyaging Society. Credit Flickr / Kanaka Menehune
The Hokulea crew making last minute preparations before embarking on the first leg of the worldwide voyage.
Credit Hōkūleʻa Image ® Polynesian Voyaging Society. Credit Molly Solomon

This Saturday, the Polynesian voyaging canoe Hokulea and its sister vessel the Hikianalia, will leave Oahu and set sail for Hilo, where they’ll continue on to Tahiti. Over the next few days, the public will get their last chance to bid the two canoes a final farewell before they embark on a worldwide voyage called Malama Honua, caring for our Island Earth. HPR’s Molly Solomon has more.

The public will have three opportunities this week to visit the Hokulea and the Hikianalia before they leave on Saturday. They’ll be on display at the Marine Education and Training Center at Sand Island Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 4 to 7 pm. More information on the worldwide voyage is available here.