Medical Marijuana Policy; Shakespeare Abridged; Seafood Substitutions Research; Makana

Aug 21, 2014

Thursday, August 21st – from HPR2, it’s The Conversation

Medical Marijuana Policy Expert: James Anthony

How can we make the logistics meet up with the law? That has been the central question about Hawaii’s medical marijuana policy. Since 2000, Hawaii has had a medical marijuana law, but crafting the mechanism for distribution, the responsibility of the primary care physician, and allowable amounts have taken almost 15 years. James Anthony is a Hawaii and California licensed attorney, and a former prosecutor for the city of Oakland. He specializes in medical marijuana dispensary land use and is in Hawaii to talk about Hawaii’s policy at several statewide meetings.

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Mission Houses Museum, Shakespeare Abridged: Will Ha`o

Everyone loves Shakespeare, but these days, who has the time?   If the Bard had a fault, it was a tendency toward long-windedness – easier to get away with when you have an Elizabethan audience which, frankly, didn’t have that many better things to do than sit through three hours of an ancient king’s descent into madness, or a Danish prince working through his family issues.   How much better, then for modern audiences to get the gist of the master poet’s work through a performance of The Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged) - a takeoff that boils Hamlet down to 42 seconds and gives it to you forward and backwards.   Will Ha’o is directing a new production of the popular play at Mission Houses Museum, and he joined the show in studio. The production will be performed tonight through Saturday.

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Seafood Substitutions Research, High Mercury Exposure: Peter Marko

You’ve heard the old real estate chestnut… location is everything. Now it seems that idea is showing up on your dinner plate. A new study of seafood counters in 10 states shows some fish may be mislabeled, and what you may be buying may come from a different geographic location and have higher mercury content.  UH professor Peter Marko is the lead author of the newly released survey  and he joined the show via phone.

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Concert Preview: Makana

Makana, guitar virtuoso, has gone from local slack-key prodigy to international ambassador, taking his stylings through Europe over the summer with festival gigs in Paris and the Hague.   The tour has broadened the audience for ki ho’alu, but it has also expanded his own musical reach, as he continues to interact with a variety of musicians and instrumental lineups.   It’s a process of continued growth, and he joined the show to tell us more about it. Makana’s final summer performance in Honolulu takes place at the The Kahala Hotel & Resort’s Maile Ballroom on Sunday evening.

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