Marco Polo, 6 Months Later

Jan 13, 2018

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What Happened to Mandatory Sprinkler Systems After Marco Polo Fire?

6 months after a seven-alarm fire at the Marco Polo condo building, the Honolulu City Council appears no closer to mandating sprinkler systems in residential high rises. A fire chief, city councilmember, and condo board representative discuss issues of fire safety, how to pay for sprinkler systems, and what role local government should play. 

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Firefighter Stories from Marco Polo

Honolulu Fire Department released internal audio communication tapes that document how firefighters approached a seven-alarm fire last summer and the challenges they faced.

No cause was ever determined for the seven-alarm fire that broke out on the 26th floor of the Marco Polo residential high rise.
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6 Months Later, Marco Polo Residents are Still Displaced

Just last month crews cleaned soot off the stained facade of the Marco Polo building. But, what is life like now for the still displaced victims of the seven-alarm fire?

A burned corridor on the 26th floor of the Marco Polo building.
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Marco Polo Owners Vote on Sprinklers

The Marco Polo Association is telling property owners that it now has 67 percent of its members in support of installing a sprinkler system in the building. It needs a two-thirds majority to move ahead and the association said is extending the deadline for residents to vote until February 28th.

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Close the Door Fire Safety Campaign

One of the most effective fire safety techniques is also one of the most simple: closing your bedroom door.

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