LOON and the Story Behind the Mask

Feb 3, 2017

Credit Wonderheads

Credit Wonderheads

The University of Hawaii Outreach College is presenting a unique single person theater experience.

“Loon” is a one person play presented by the theatrical group Wonderheads.  The unlikely love story follows a lonely janitor who dreams of traveling to the moon.  It’s performed in a large papier-mâché mask, using only body expressions to tell the story. 

Kate Braidwood
Credit DesignEgg

Kate Braidwood is a co-creator of Wonderheads, and an actress in the performance.  She says the experience is a lot like watching a cartoon that’s come to life, and although the expression on the mask technically doesn’t change… to the audience, the face seems to take on different expressions as the performance progresses.

Wonderhead’s LOON takes place this evening at the UH Hilo, at the Orvis Auditorium at the University of Hawaii at Manoa on February 7th, then at the Kahilu Theater in Waimea on Thursday, February 9th.

More information and tickets can be found at outreach.hawaii.edu/community