Kauaʻi Beach Park Reopens After $6M Repair Project Completed

Jul 25, 2019

LIHUE — A Kauaʻi beach park has reopened following a $6 million repair project, a report said.

Black Pot Beach Park in northern Kauaʻi welcomed visitors Monday for the first time in over a year, the Garden Island reported Wednesday.

An overflowing river in Hanalei Bay washed vehicles into the water and destroyed restrooms and roads in April 2018. City officials have been working on repairs ever since, the newspaper reported.

The repair project included a new roundabout, parking lot, drop-off and pickup zones, and landscaping changes to enhance the ocean view, park officials said.

There are also temporary portable restrooms located at the park, which will be replaced with new units, officials said.

Many residents seemed to appreciate the repairs.

"It's more organized and cleaner," Malaa Aceret said.

One notable difference is that parking on the beach is no longer allowed, an environmental impact change meant to avoid potential oil and fluid leaks.

"It's always been a nice beach," resident Irineo Sepulveda said. "I'd say it's really picked up in the last 10 years, though."