HPR's All Things Considered Off The Road Interview Preview With Joe Satriani

Jul 3, 2020

Credit artist photo courtesy of Joseph Cultice

Today it’s another preview with HPR All Things Considered Host Dave Lawrence sharing highlights of a new interview in our series, Off the Road, speaking with musicians and artists about how they’ve been touched by the pandemic and other crises.

It’s a preview of an upcoming feature with guitarist and songwriter Joe Satriani. The talented player, known both for his lightning speed as a shredder and for his soaring emotional solos, he joined us remotely from the San Francisco area for an hour long interview performance session. Joe has been touring the world since the 1980’s and spent time as the guitarist for both Mick Jagger and Deep Purple over the years, and before achieving success with his own music, was a teacher to some of the other noted contemporary guitar heroes, like Steve Vai and Metallica’s Kirk Hammett.

Over the full interview, he shared how he’s been personally and professionally affected by the crises taking place, including a moving assessment of how he’s been stirred by the Black Lives Matter / police reform crisis, and offering details into the decision-making process to go ahead and release his latest album, Shapeshifting, during the pandemic. He also discussed the dramatic series of events that led to postponing the tour for it until at least 2021. Satch provided some insights into the songs on the album, and joining us from the studio where he came up with many of the songs, also played guitar for us in a very special song he improvised on the spot!

Later in July we’ll air a special two-day interview feature, but today share highlights from it.

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