HPR's All Things Considered Off The Road Interview Preview With Alice Cooper

Jun 18, 2020

Credit artist photo courtesy of facebook.com/alicecooper

HPR All Things Considered Host Dave Lawrence has been doing a series, Off the Road, interviews with musicians who are staying at home due to the virus, but are all active in different ways, and, all affected by what are now multiple crises in unique ways.

Take a listen to the ones we’ve aired so far, including Jack Johnson, Soul Asylum’s Dave Pirner and excerpts of future features with Al Di Meola and Carlos Santana and his wife Cindy Blackman Santana, which we’re airing tomorrow.

Sometime Hawaii resident Alice Cooper also took time to speak with us, discussing his new song released during the pandemic, Don’t Give Up, how the crisis has affected him, his views on the Black Lives Matter / police protests and he offered tribute to the legendary Hawaii musician Willie K, who recently passed away. Here is some of what he said about Willie:

Hear the complete new Alice Cooper interview feature in the weeks ahead on All Things Considered and then find it archived here online.

See and hear his new song inspired by the pandemic, Dont' Give Up, below:

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