HPR's All Things Considered Off The Road Interview Preview With Al Di Meola

Jun 12, 2020

HPR All Things Considered Host Dave Lawrence has been speaking with various musicians remotely during the pandemic, in a new series we're calling Off the Road, hearing about their stay at home experiences and how they’ve been affected by what are now multiple crises in the United States. One of them is guitar legend Al Di Meola, who recently released an album of Beatles’ interpretations, Across the Universe, and recorded a new interview with Dave today to discuss the album and how he’s been touched by the events taking place. It was a 45 minute interview / performance session, in which he even played some Beatles classics solo for us. We’ll have a long form feature of it in the weeks ahead, but in an advance preview excerpt from the conversation, Al explained how his tour plans were impacted, stranding one of his musicians from Europe here in the US.


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